My Lifelong Dream

Acting is in my blood. 

Hell yes it is!  I was on stage at school by the time I was 7 years old – and never blinked an eye.  I remembered my  lines, interacted well with the audience and my voice was as loud and clear as it needed to be.  I’m a natural no doubt about it.

Pretty much did it all.  

By the time I was in high school I wrote one or two act plays, made props and set backdrops, sewed costumes and even directed a couple of times.  Add to all of this playing a role in the productions and I was one dedicated teenager.

My dreams got stalled.  

I put any idea of being in acting on the back burner in order to make money.  Plain and simple.  I wasn’t born with the silver spoon by any means going to college meant paying my own way – so acting was not going to be part of my life back then.  It wasn’t in the stars.  Yet at least.


My dreams got kickstarted.  

Yes they did!  Eight years ago I came online writing my first blog at Yahoo (which no longer exists because Yahoo deactivated all of their blogs a few years ago) with the intention of getting into acting and modeling.

Things shifted when I had opportunities to write and publish in the fitness category, which is something I’ve studied and am passionate about.  Not as passionate as I am about acting.  But, it did create a detour.  Until 2015 when I got back on the acting express and moved forward.

Signed with an agency.  

I signed with the Nine9 acting and modeling agency in July 2015.  Did a professional photoshoot in August 2015 and went on from there to accept roles in an HBO production and a comedy web series in 2016.

At this time I get many castings sent to me, and I send out submissions to those I’m most interested in on a regular basis.  Right now, I’m preparing to send off a video audition for an indie film.

Started this blog.  

I decided to start a blog dedicated to my acting and modeling career because I wanted to write about it, have a central place online to post videos, photos, and other information about me and my pursuit of a career I truly love.

Look for a lot more to come, ladies and gentlemen!



  1. Happy to see that you are focusing again on acting and modeling. You’ve got the talent that’s for sure! You’re a very resourceful and ENERGETIC woman!! I could never keep up with you!


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