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Video Auditions

Wave of the future.  

The days of waiting in line for an in-person are coming to a close.  Not that there are not Open Call auditions, because there still are.  It’s just not as common as it once was – and that’s a good thing for everyone.

My experience.  

It’s been one year since I first signed with an agency and I’m happy that I did.  The agency has been an overall great experience – except for the rather nasty comments made to me during the photoshoot – and I’m happy to report that I learned a lot and plan to stay with them.  I’m also looking at other agents in addition to Nine9.

I’m a fast learner.  Always have been.  And I dig and find out more about it as a natural response to learning.  In-person auditions are becoming more of a second look than a first look.  Production companies, agents, etc. are mostly wanting to see the talent on film first, then choose from those who submit videos.  This is great for anyone who does not live near Miami, New York or Los Angeles.  Once again the internet brings us all closer.

Acing video auditions.  

It’s actually better than being there in person as you get to make your video as many times as it takes to get just the right results.  When in-person you usually get one shot and that’s it – and when you think about the possibilities for what can go wrong it’s amazing that anyone gets hired at all.

My advice to anyone making a video audition or conducting a video interview that you record (as in answering the questions sent to you which I did in December for United Airlines) is to get your look right first.  Your presentation is actually second to your appearance.  That’s true in person as well, but remember that on film the odds are that your video will pass through a lot of hands before it gets a yes or no vote, so you need to really look your best.

Additionally, be sure that you’re looking the part.  Also true if you’re applying for a job in a bank or an airport or wherever.  You should dress similarly to the way you’d look on the job.  Naturally that applies to acting.  If submitting a video audition for a role as the owner of a classy boutique you need to be very fashionable and add something cool like big earrings or a trendy watch, etc.

nancy shorts backside good

Speaking up for yourself.  

Always introduce yourself, say thank you for the opportunity and the reviewer’s time.  It’s classy and people always like to be acknowledged.  If you know the person’s name, by all means use it!

It’s fine to talk about your strengths, experience, and training.  If you don’t speak up for yourself on video auditions then you could lose the role to someone else who did.

Be patient.  

Usually when it’s good news it’s fast, however, there are exceptions.  Some production companies have deadlines that are a month or more into the future.  Even they are head over heels for your video, in the spirit of fairness they must review every submission sent to them.  So you need to give it at least a week past the final submission date before you begin to wonder if they were happy with your presentation.

Following up.  

It depends.  In the acting business that might not be necessary or even a good thing.  If it’s a large production company they may be swamped with submissions and if it’s a small production company they may not have the staff that can handle responding to those they are not hiring.  But, it’s up to you to decide.  If you did not land the role, what you can do is ask for constructive criticism, and again, thank them for their time and the opportunity to submit your video.

Most of all believe in yourself.  It sounds trite but it’s very true.  Don’t come off as over-confident.  Be humble and yet keep faith in your ability.

I have videos to make this week. I’m auditioning for four different roles.  Looking forward to it!



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2 thoughts on “Video Auditions

  1. Yes! Thank you! I had to do an interview just recently on Skype and I was so nervous. But it all went fine. Everyone in the business world or looking to connect with those far away should read this post.


  2. THANK YOU! You are amazing, honey, you really are! I have a video interview coming up and just like you said it’s a Q &A for me to record. But it’s live so it sounds like your United Airlines interview. I’m so glad I read this first. I had not thought about dressing the part really. I thought just go simple. But now I’m going to look more like I’m already working there.


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