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TV Reviews On Nancy Welker Youtube Channel

Starting this week.  

I’ll begin my TV show reviews with a current favorite, “Orphan Black”.  This is a BBC America production starring, and I do mean STARRING, Tatiana Maslany.   One person commented to me that it looks like there’s a family resemblance between myself and Tatiana.  I though she’d say daughter.  Actually she said kid sister.  I’m good with that.  Really.

Anyway, I’ll begin with this show because it’s so very well done and entirely addictive. Once you start you just won’t want to stop – so let that be a warning to those of you who don’t like to binge.

My first video.  

That will be a synopsis of Season 1 of O.B. and I’ll give enough details about the show itself, the roots of the story and something about the actors as well.  I’ll do my best not to spoil it for anyone who wants to go back and start watching, but, some things will come out as they have to in order to make my video interesting.  But, even if you do have insider knowledge you’ll still enjoy starting from the get-go as there is no way that I could ever include all the details of this show in a review.  Enough said.

From there on. 

I’ll do the same for Seasons 2 and 3, giving viewers a chance to get to know the show, and even what to look for if they are watching one of the previous seasons.  You’ll get my reaction to some of the events so that you if you’ve seen the episodes you’ll be able to get a discussion started.

When I get to Season 4, I’ll then review episode by episode, instead of doing an overview of the Season itself.  That’s where you might stumble upon a spoiler or two but again not to fear with this show.  There’s far more than just one shocking turn of events so I can promise you that I won’t cover them all.

Future shows.  

Look for Zoo starring Billy Burke and based on the novel by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.  It’s a sci-fi lovers treat and I was hooked from Season 1 Episode 1.  I’ll also give a synopsis of Season 1 in the first video about this show.  Then I’ll proceed to review episode by episode. Season 2 is currently airing so I’ll catch up here quickly and be on time with the last half of the Season.

Other shows I’ll be reviewing :  Jessica Jones on Netflix, NCIS – New Orleans, Z Nation, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Devious Maids, Nashville and future seasons of Survivor and Dancing With The Stars.


My taste in television shows is pretty varied, even though I do love the sci-fi first then action, horror and good comedy next.  In addition I’ll be tossing in some of my other long-time favorites such as American Pickers and House Hunters.  So there’s bound to be something for everyone by the time I’m done.

I’ll be publishing the first videos this week, so by August 7th my TV reviews will be in full swing!

Thanks for the outpouring of support on Facebook and on YouTube!




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3 thoughts on “TV Reviews On Nancy Welker Youtube Channel

  1. Very smart of you to do this! I’ll be happy to be part of your youtube channel community. It sounds great! The best of luck to you!


  2. FANTASTIC! I agree with what you’re doing. The tarot readings were awesome but they had to be time consuming for you and I know how much you want that career in acting taking off. This is good, Nancy. Very good. The possibilities are endless. I’m a subscriber on Youtube and so I’ll be part of your group.


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