Good Looks – Good Health – Good Everything

Appreciating it all. 

I’ve been given a second chance in life.  Not that I didn’t work for it because I worked my tail off to tell the truth.  So it’s more of an earned blessing I’d call it – and still I’m totally grateful for it every single day!

Good looks.  

I inherited well – the best kind of inheritance you can get – in the way of good looks from my mom and dad and their parents and so forth on back.  My dad looked like a blond Tyrone Power in his day and my mom was a dead-ringer for Norma Shearer.  Yea.  They were lookers the two of them.

And they both had strength going for them as well. My mom, at 97, still does.  And that is also part of what made them so attractive as being more energetic keeps a person young and projects all kinds of good things.

Good health.  

My dad passed away just short of age 80.  My mom is still going strong at 97.  They both enjoyed decades of good health and even when they faced health challenges they won those battles well into their 7os.

That’s a heckuva  family history to have behind you and at 59 I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying what I got from mommy and daddy!

Good everything.  

When you have your health, and you no doubt got a great nose and other good “bones” from your parents, you feel younger and that translates into looking younger for a lifetime.  Not everyone is this fortunate, and that’s also something to be so very humble and grateful about.

Nancy Welker May 2016
Nancy Welker
May 2016

What I thank God for every day of my life.  

I’m stronger both physically and mentally than ever.  I naturally moved up to heavier free weights a year or so ago.  The 2lb to 8lb weights didn’t work for me anymore.  So I gradually began using more weight until by last Summer I was using 5lb to 15lb weights.  I never, not even at age 20, used a weight higher than 8lbs.  And I weigh what I weighed then so it’s not body mass that’s giving me strength.  It’s a stronger body overall.

Mentally I’m also much stronger.  I’m more focused and confident than ever.  I breezed through the menopause years on my own.  Taking vitamins, yes, exercising also yes, but seeing a doctor for hormonal supplements?  No!  I didn’t feel comfortable going that route, and I’m a firm believer in taking care of your health according to what you feel in your gut is right for you.  So, I went back to basics.

And I thank God for His blessings of health, and youthfulness every day.  It’s something I feel is with me for a purpose.  And that is to have this mid-life career change I’ve made, and reach the goals I have in front of me.

My son inspires me so much.  

Having a severely handicapped child requires much more than just taking care of him day-to-day.  It requires planning for the future.  And the time when he will be without parents on this Earth to watch over him and support him.

Giving my son a secure future requires a lot of money.  Good residential facilities are expensive and I want him to have the best I can possibly afford.  Not to mention that his clothing/medical/etc. will also have to be paid for out what he is left from his parents.  And all I can tell you is that if I am ever looking for inspiration to keep going I don’t have to look any further than at my own child!

Thank you all for the support!  

I cannot believe that an amazing 13K people liked my Facebook page in just one month!  That’s impressive for a woman who has not yet landed the big TV/Movie role or the big commercial!

But my time is coming.  I will never give up.  And that’s the key.  I may have to accept setbacks, as we all do, and find ways to work around them.  That’s OK.  I can do it.

And the castings are out there.  Lots of them.  I’m picking and choosing what I will accept and that’s the main reason why you don’t see me in more productions.

My plan. 

I’m doing another (much better!) photo shoot this Fall.  That and adding demo videos of myself doing reviews and auditioning for castings will increase my chances of getting the kind of roles I want.  The ones that are right for me.

I’ll be posting back here at least once per month until then – unless I have a great announcement! – so look for my updates on a regular basis!

Until next month,


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