My Dream Acting Gigs

There are quite a few out there! 

First, I want to tell all of you that I love, love, love action-oriented roles.  Give me an acting role as a cop, detective, private investigator, high-powered lawyer, gun-toting Western school marm or a sci-fi warrior queen.  Any, or all of the above, would be right up my street.

There are quite a few TV shows and movies that could, and I hope someday do, hire me as a regular or a recurring character.  Here are some of the productions on my list of dream acting gigs and my own description of what the roles would be like:


Orphan Black 

Siobhan’s long-lost sister or cousin who comes in to help the clones – just in the nick of time!


Walt’s distant cousin or his late wife’s distant cousin who brings in fresh evidence for a tough case.

Z Nation

A tough survivor who’s made it on her own for a long time.  Immune to the z-virus?  That would be fantastic.

Fear The Walking Dead 

A former cop who helps train survivors.  Awesome.


Veterinarian turned detective who has a different perspective on the animal attacks.

NCIS – New Orleans 

Really, any of the NCIS shows, but N.O. is just my favorite.  I see myself as a private detective who helps the NCIS team when their paths cross.


James Bond Franchise 

I’d be perfect as a Bond Girl.  As of now, I’d be the oldest on record and being an acting newbie as well would really make the news.  I LOVE James Bond movies and would be so honored to be a part of any future productions.


This franchise is to me the best Vampire/Werewolf saga out there.  I’d love to be on either side.  I’m in great shape and I could surely kick butt on film.

The Fast And The Furious 

I picture myself as a woman who took up drift-racing later in life and found a skill she never knew she had.  Mom to a main character who shows her cool side perhaps.

Well, that sums up my short list anyway. There’s more to it and of course I’d love to be a part of any or all of these productions.

Wish me luck!







  1. Love that photo of you! I’m a Longmire fan and you’d be perfect as a deputy or PI or whatever. You’re pretty and smart so you’d fit right in.


  2. I would love to see you as a Bond Girl. We’ve broken the size rule of late and now we need to bust the age rule too. Why all these stupid rules exist I don’t know. But you’ve got the looks, the smile and that sweet sexy look that Bond Girls all have.


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