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Why I Won't Work As An Extra Again

In short….

Been there and done that.  And since the HBO filming I was in went on for 16 hours straight, I had plenty of time to learn all I could from my place as an extra.  There’s just no need for me to do it again.

How to become an extra.  

For those of you who don’t know – it’s pretty simple to be an extra for many television and movie productions.  You need to be in the know, so you should first register with an agency. From there you will receive castings that you can look over and select the ones that are right for you.  Speaking roles, by the way, whether paid or non-paid, are going to be much more difficult to land.  That goes for making commercials as well.

Lots of actors start out as extras and hope to make connections and get noticed for bigger and better things.  From my standpoint, this rarely ever happens.  I’m not saying that it never happens, only that it is not the norm by any means.  So if you start out as an extra that could be where you’ll stay.  And that’s not so bad considering how many extra castings are out there and that some of them pay at least fairly well.

Nancy Welker May 2016
Nancy Welker
May 2016

Why I won’t work as an extra.  

It’s not where I want to be and as I said above it’s a very small percentage of actors who will rise above that place to get speaking roles.  My aim these days is to go after the speaking roles, whether they are under the acting or modeling category, and I simply disregard the castings for extras.

Being an extra is fun in lots of ways and I did connect with a lot of great fellow actors.  I met people of all ages and from many different places and I loved that part.  It’s the idea of being pigeonholed into that spot that I don’t like at all.

Furthermore, I feel that the time it takes to take part of a film or TV show as an extra could result in missing out on another opportunity.  For that and all the reasons I mentioned before, I won’t work as an extra again.

What I’m looking for now.  

Speaking roles.  Whether it’s a TV show, movie, play or commercial, I want to have a part that calls for some dialogue.  Here I believe an actor can start out small and work up the ladder.  Even its it’s a single line in a show, it’s still a minute or so in front of the lens and that gets a person noticed for what could be larger parts.

Today I’m looking over the castings I get and picking and choosing what I submit to, and (finally) putting together a plan to make videos on my YouTube channel.  Thanks to all of you who are still there as subscribers and who are waiting very patiently for me to get those videos published.

Take care everyone – and keep looking on the bright side!








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4 thoughts on “Why I Won't Work As An Extra Again

  1. Totally agree. I took a job once answering phones for this ad company I was dying to work for as an agent. I thought they’d see how brilliant I am and move me up. It didn’t work. I fell into a lower place in the company and that was it. Finally I took a better job elsewhere. But being a front desk person for a company didn’t look good on my resume either. It all worked out but I get where you’re coming from completely. All the best to you — never settle!!


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