Beginning To Publish Regularly On YouTube

As promised! 

I have been talking about publishing more content on my YouTube channel for months now, and, finally, I’m beginning to do just that.

Saturday evening, February 4th,  I published a chat video that gives you a bit more info about what I’m doing as an actress, and how being the mom of an autistic son fits into that career goal.

Branching out.  

I’ll be making different kinds of videos. Initially I film a variety of subjects from product reviews to cooking to fitness to more about acting and what it’s like to launch a career after age 50.

What I plan to do as well is to mainly focus on the topics that end up being the most popular.

Love doing this! 

I have to admit I enjoy getting in front of the camera, without script, and just talking.  When I make videos about a particular topic I’ll stay on point with that, but, I will never write down and memorize what I will say.

One exception to that is  when I’m making an audition video for a casting.  In that case I have no choice but to stay with the script!

Here’s a link to my first chat video –


  1. You are one gorgeous lady! I think more so as you get older and we all hate you for it of course! I’ll be there on youtube every time you can bet on that. I know you’ll be a household name one of these fine days. Just keep plugging. You’ll get as far as you want to go! Much love to you!


  2. You have a natural way about you in front of that camera. You’d be great in a morning talk show or as a host of a good talk show. I’m following your work you can count on it!


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