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Nancy Welker In The Walking Dead Series

I love this show!

I have since it first started, and, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a show that made me laugh, cry, yell at the TV and scream like a kid, the way this one does.

Writing myself in.  

Well, at least for my own purposes I am.  There are so many roles I’d love to play, and, well, I thought I may as well take a stab at putting it on my blog just in case anyone else is listening or reading or whatever.

So, what you see below is drawn from my own imagination and is of course one of my dream acting gigs.

Episode Title   “The Queen Of Wands”  

How it begins.

Rick, Darryl, Morgan and Jesus are heading up a building project for a safe place they call “The Refuge”.  It’s going to be a secure location their people can run to in the event that Alexandria was ever overrun – by walkers or others.

There have been some mysterious happenings in the weeks since they cleared the land, laid the foundation and raised the frame of the first building.  Food, medicine and even building supplies appear out of the blue and are left, neatly packaged, near the construction site.  And it’s always exactly what they had been talking about – and very badly needed.

Nancy Welker "Claire " in The Walking Dead
Nancy Welker
“Claire ” in The Walking Dead

Enter Claire.  

She’s like a ghost.  Appearing just for a moment in the woods near the new buildings, but disappearing before they can catch her.  And she’s always holding what appears to be a large tree branch, fashioned into a stave or a wand.  She holds her wand in front of her, across her body, in a ready stance.  Without saying a word, this lady, the one Morgan first calls The Queen Of Wands as she reminds him of the tarot card, seems to be watching over them and somehow supplying them with what they need.

One day, Carol’s curiosity gets the better of her and she joins the workers at The Refuge.  Upon seeing the lady, The Queen Of Wands, Carol is startled and screams.  Pointing at the woods, shaking, Carol tells the group that the woman is in fact her cousin, Claire, who died just before the outbreak.  Clearly, Claire is not a zombie, and so the only explanation Carol can come up with is that her cousin’s ghost must be visiting them.

My role.  

Claire is played by Nancy Welker.  And in that role I’m a woman who uses the hunting skills she acquired out of necessity to keep her distance from the group until she is certain that she is safe.  Claire has deep spiritual beliefs and believes that the woods protect her from  harm, and given the fact that she is alone, healthy, and safely travels great distances on foot to find supplies, Rick and his group admit that there must be something to those beliefs.

Morgan, over and above everyone else, sees something special about Claire.  His Queen Of Wands senses things, knows things, the way animals in the wild sense and know, and he understands that that is what has kept Claire from harm.

The episode continues.  

The people of Alexandria welcome Claire into the fold, marveling at her survival skills.

And it’s Carol who asks Rick if Alexandria can have a party in honor of Claire.  Given all the gifts Claire has given to them, Rick agrees it is the least they can do in return.

During the party, there is a breach in the outer wall, and dozens of walkers find their way in.  Without hesitation, Claire races ahead of everyone else, takes out her wand and faces all of them alone.  Carol and Michonnne are quick to respond, with Darryl and Jesus hard on their heels.

But much to their amazement, Claire has taken on at least 20 walkers and is making neat work of it.  She is just doing away with the last one moving as the rest near the scene.

Again, Morgan is not as surprised as everyone else.  He simply goes to Claire and thanks her, asking her if she’s going to be leaving them.

Claire smiles, gives Morgan a hug, and nods that she is leaving.  That she must.  Because her time is up.

Possible conclusions.  

It is revealed that Claire is indeed a ghost – but she was given the task of returning to Earth to come to the aid of her cousin, Carol, who was her beloved friend since childhood.   After dispatching the walkers, Claire raises her wand in the air victoriously, walks through the opening in the wall and disappears.

Claire is not a ghost, but instead has amassed a large stash of supplies she found or was given in return for giving shelter to those who were traveling and needed help.  She knows the woods outside Alexandria like the back of her hand and learned the art of moving silently and keeping her distance for safety.  She may leave the group, but not before she vows to Carol that she will return after fulfilling her promise to help an old friend.

Claire could be a guest for one episode, or come back to the series as a regular.

And so that is the character I have created and would love to portray in The Walking Dead series.  






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