VERY Busy Week Coming Up!

What’s happening…

Mainly I have a lot of auditions to prepare for this week.  Eight roles.  Or is it nine?  I lost count!

And since they are video auditions – which I LOVE – I can manage all of them without problem.

I do also enjoy live auditions.  Especially improvisation types.  That’s my forte for sure.  I am very comfortable with dialogue on-the-fly and it’s so much fun!

What kind of roles?

These are all in the horror/sci-fi genre.  Cool, right?  I think so!  This is where I shine, ladies and gentlemen.

How do I prepare?

I have sides, or bit of script to memorize, so I tackle that first.

Then, I look at how that character should look, and determine how to dress and style my hair, etc.

Next, I add any helpful props to my environment that I can, so that it’s more like a set and less like my house.  As much as I can anyway.  Having purchased a stand for background screens is very, very helpful here.  It changes everything in fact.

What do I hope for?

An offer of course.  For one or even more than one role.  I can handle multiple parts and would love to be an “Orphan Black” type with identical clones running around.  How nice would that be?

Anything else?

Well, yes!  While I’m making all these videos tomorrow and the next day, I will be also to FINALLY start making videos for my Facebook and YouTube pages.  That’s an added bonus.

So, I’ll see all of you tomorrow!!!




  1. You’re beautiful as always. Such a sweet smile, hon. God is on your side I know it. You’ve given your life for your kids especially your son. You’ll reach your goals no question about it!


  2. Bout time!!!! Get in there and ace it babe. You’ve got it all and never forget that. Looking forward to seeing you get a great part on TV or movies or whatever. Will be there cheering you on whatever it is!!


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