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Lip Care For Special Occasions

Night Before

First, you need to work in a gentle cleanser, all over your face, neck and decollete, using small circular motions, for two full minutes, concentrating on the lips for about thirty seconds

This is a terrific mini-facial you’re giving yourself. It takes very little time, but, it’s these small, seemingly insignificant practices that add up big time over the years.

Rinse thoroughly, and apply toner, serum and moisturizer to the entire skin areas you just cleansed – including your lips.

Day Of The Event

If you’re going out on the town, attending your best friend’s wedding, or dressing up for that Holiday Party, you’ll want your lips to look as terrific as the rest of you looks.

Follow the cleansing/exfoliating routine I have written about above, except, after rinsing apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly (or Aquaphor) to your lips.

Next, do one of these two things – either apply a very warm, but comfortable, washcloth to your lips untl it cools OR set up a home facial steamer and sit in front of it for three to five minutes.

While your lips are still warm, and before you take off the petroleum jelly, make a tight letter “O” with your lips and hold it for a count of ten. Do this ten times.

Use a gentle cleanser to remove the petroleum jelly, then finish with toner, serum and moisturizer that’s right for your skin. Don’t forget the lips.

Now apply your cosmetics.


Remember, you should use always facial masks and scrubs on your lip area as well as your face, neck and decollete. The chocolate mask I have linked to below is a fun and very beneficial home facial option, and keeps your lips looking beautiful.

Simple Methods.
Spectacular Results.




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