Microneedling Treatment – Day One

First time.  

I have been interested in microneedling as a skin treatment for some time, but until yesterday, had not actually tried.  Why?  To be honest, I was a bit scared of putting hundreds of tiny jabs into my face.  But, finally, I got over the fear factor and went for it.

The video you will see below was made about 4 hours or so after my treatment.  I’m red as a beet, a bit swollen and itchy.  It felt like a sunburn, and I was uncomfortable for most of the night.

Day two.  

That’s today and I did notice a bit less swelling today, my skin is a little less red and does not itch as much.  So, I’m hoping that by the end of day three or four I will see a big improvement.

It’s too soon to evaluate my total results, as I won’t see them until later on.  Perhaps weeks from now.  That’s the downside of working with Mother Nature.  She takes her sweet time.

If you’re considering microneedling I will be making at least one more video on the topic, showing my results by the end of the weekend, and will give all the details I learned from my experience.

FBTV Video – Microneedling Day One

I hope you come to my new channel on YouTube and subscribe.  I’m looking to build a community there!




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  1. As always, hon, you are the real deal. I love it that you stepped in front of that camera so quickly after that treatment! No many are brave enough! I’m sure you’ll get great results and I’m looking forward to seeing them! Kudos on starting your own show!


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