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Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum Review And Product Warning!

My experience

I first had the  Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum 40 applied to my skin during and after a microneedling treatment done on November 29 2017.

My impression of my face immediately after was that something was wrong.  But I couldn’t imagine what as I don’t normally have problems with products and/or specific ingredients.

There was something very odd about the way my face swelled up in a “lumpy” fashion.  I was immediately reminded of Will Smith’s character in the movie “Hitch” who had an allergic reaction to fish and was oddly swollen, much like the way I was.

Still, I was encouraged when the next day the swelling was less and the redness was not as dark.

The next week 

By now I had finished using the Biopelle Tensage Serum 40 kit I was given with the microneedling.  The swelling had begun to go down and in about a week I was “better”.

I had a product called Vollure injected in the eye trough area on December 7 2017.  I have had injectables before and was confident that I would be fine.  My reaction was horrible.  My lower lids swelled up like never before and the bruising and redness was severe.  I looked awful and far worse than expected.

To give anyone an idea of how bad this was, I had to use 4 coats of under eye concealer, with dabs of pressed power in-between coats, and a tinted foundation as well.  I have never, ever, in my entire life used more than one coat of concealer, if I use any at all.  But even that didn’t cover the problem completely and since I had a Christmas dinner to attend I have to admit I felt uncomfortable.

The week after that 

I went in for my usual lash extension maintenance on December 14th and at this point I did not associate the Tensage Serum with what had been my swelling problem and I bought a kit that was on sale.  That kit included 5 tubes of Biopelle Tensage Serum 50, a bottle of Tensage Serum, and the Biopelle Radiance Eye Cream.

Now I had minor swelling and redness, that seemed to be getting better, and I thought I was out of the woods.  But I was not.

I waited a week as a precaution to allow for additional healing, and first used the Tensage Serum 50 on Wednesday the 20th and I felt itchy the next morning.  I skipped two days and began again on Friday the 22nd and continued on Saturday the 23d.  On Sunday the 24th I woke up with itchy eyes.  And more.  Something felt wrong.  When I looked in the mirror I saw redness and swelling in the under eye area all over again.  Since I had no injectables given I knew for sure it was not that.  It was the Tensage product!

What happened to me 

I have a mild shellfish allergy.  Nothing serious but I avoid  eating it due to the fact that I will feel like I have a slight case of the flu after.

Biopelle uses “small snail secretion” as a featured ingredient in their Tensage products.  I would never have thought that this would be an issue for me but it surely is.  This accounts for the swelling and redness after the microneedling. Not to mention the severe reaction to the injections done a full week later.   And, since stopping the Tensage Serum line completely my problem is almost gone.  As of today I am almost completely back to normal, except for some small swelling and redness.

My recommendation 

To anyone reading this be aware that if you have any type of shellfish or seafood sensitivity at all you should avoid Biopelle or any product that uses either one as an active ingredient.  Especially after microneedling, which opens up the skin and allows for deeper penetration of the products used.

I will be contacting the Biopelle company and asking them to place a warning on their product, at the website and in their literature advising that anyone with a shellfish allergy should not use Tensage or any of the products that contain the snail secretion.

Be careful and don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer!


This is me the same day I had the microneedling using Biopelle Tensage 40.  My lower face was even worse in person.


Is a snapshot of the Biopelle kit I purchased after my microneedling and Vollure services.  It was after using that kit that I realized that it was the product causing problems for me and after investigation discovered the snail secretion/shellfish allergy relation.


This is a video of me one day after getting Vollure injections, which was the following week after the microneedling and Biopelle Tensage 40.  I have used injectables under the eye before, with nothing nearly as severe as this reaction.  It was not the Vollure.  It was the Tensage.


I sent an email to the Biopelle company through their website yesterday, explaining the problem I had and recommending that they post warnings about possible shellfish reactions.  In the world of allergic reactions my problem was “minor”, however another person may not have fared as well and could possibly have had more serious issues.





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5 thoughts on “Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum Review And Product Warning!

  1. i tried this product to see if it would irritate my skin and it surely did. It was an expensive item to toss away but that’s just what I did!


  2. Yuck! Snail secretion? Is that another way of saying snail pee? Or worse? Definitely right on about the micro needling paving the way for bigger problems. It’s very fortunate you are healing!


  3. Oh yes. You opened up the skin with the micro needling and put in a product you had no idea you were allergic to. That led to the bad reaction from the injections the following week! We all need to double check that’s for sure. You’re fortunate it was not much, much worse!


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