Gena Pedi Cure Product Review

Product Review

Gena Pedi Cure

8.5fl. oz tube

Cost  $8.99

Made in U.S.A.


An excellent foot treatment cream that absorbs in well, does not stain and can turn dry, cracking skin, into soft, supple skin.  The lavender-peppermint fragrance is fresh and unique. 

Gena Pedi Cure provides moisturization to the skin that both quenches and soothes. Heels, especially, benefit from this cream. 


Glycerin, lavender oil and peppermint oil rank among the most important.

The scent combines the lavender and peppermint to give an especially invigorating treatment. 


I use Gena Pedi Cure in one of two ways:  apply just before donning socks/shoes and working out, or at night just before getting into bed.  This gives the product the chance to work with the additional heat from exercise, or my body’s natural rhythm of healing during sleep. 

As a result, my feet feel silky smooth. 


After using my first tube, I found that my feet feel softer and smoother than ever.  I especially notice it when wearing open-backed sandals and pumps. 


This product out-performs others that come with a much higher price tag.  I would recommend it to any woman who wants to take care of her feet. 


I bought this item myself, for my own use, from an online retailer. 

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