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Had The Best Mother’s Day Ever

No matter what else happens.  

This Mother’s Day, 2018, will always live as the very BEST one ever for me.  Regardless of what else may come in the future.  

Its possible that in the years to come others will equal this one, but I know in my heart that there will never, could never, be a more joyous time than this.  

What my weekend was like.  

Me, my hub and super beautiful granddaughter! Mother’s Day 2018

First, it started on Friday, the 11th.  I went to the spa for maintenance on my lash extensions (which I really love), and then out to a nice lunch with my husband.  

Saturday morning I went to get nails and toes done at my favorite nail salon.  There’s an aloe vera pedicure they now feature that I tried for the first time ever and it was very cool.  Literally.  The mixtures used turns the water into a gel so it’s like dipping your feet into a kind of green jelly that smells great and feels great on your skin.  

Saturday afternoon we went out for lunch again and then it was off to a local bar for a couple of cocktails and a few billiards games with the best guy any girl could ever want.  If that weren’t enough for this day, I also went to a tanning salon and got a spray tan for the first time in ages and ages.  It came out great and I love it.  So does my hub btw.  

On Sunday, Mother’s Day itself, there was a beautiful lunch with my husband, daughter and SIL, and little grand baby.  I ate fried chicken and waffles, had a mimosa and spent time with the best kids any parent could want. Oh, and they even gave me presents!

Wow.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  

Sometimes it’s the little things.  

Yes, it really is.  Getting lash extensions, manicures, pedicures and spray tannings may not be enough to change the world at large.  But they changed my world.  I felt great.  Happy.  Relaxed.  And blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

I may not be globetrotting, which is one of the setbacks all parents of autistic kids must endure, but, thanks to the love and sweetness of the man I married I am making use of the fantastic places right here in my own hometown  

Perhaps, that’s all any of us ever need.  

Stay healthy everyone, 



This is such a special photo.  On the left is me, age 30, with Lora at just 2 days old.  On the right is Lora, also age 30, with Savannah who is 1 to 2 weeks old.  OMG this is so precious to me!






Mostly I help my husband build our beekeeping business. Additionally: I write. Make videos from time to time. Consider offers for modeling and acting. MORE ABOUT ME Married nearly 33 years, I'm 62 years old (going on 35!) love love fitness and have two amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. One of our kids is a 27 year old autistic son who I have home taught for the past 20 years. Our daughter is 32 and married and has an adorable baby girl. WHAT'S NEW Beekeeping! My hub and I have launched a beekeeping business! Very exciting! I'm in the process of formulating soaps and skin care items and will launch those lines soon.

4 thoughts on “Had The Best Mother’s Day Ever

  1. What a beautiful family you have! Your daughter sure inherited good genes, sweetie. Actually that photo of you, your husband and granddaughter? It looks like you’re the mom not the grandma!! Congratulations on being such a wonderful parent – it really shows!


  2. You still look 30! You describe my idea of a perfect weekend! So what that you don’t travel the world! You have it all right where you are, hon!


  3. You are so amazing! Beautiful and wise. You and your daughter could be sisters that’s how young you look! And your granddaughter is absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!


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