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Beauty In A Hurry Facial Masks

Great Skin Care In A Hurry

You don’t always have time to spend an hour or more giving yourself a skin treatment, but that shouldn’t stop you.  These masks can all be used for a facial that takes a grand total of fifteen minutes from start to finish. 

The How To Part

First, cleanse your face, neck and decollete.  Use a skin-type appropriate scrub.  Rinse.

Soak a towel in comfortably hot water and apply to your skin for one minute timed.

Next prepare and apply any of the masks listed below – they all stay on for just 5 to 10 minutes.

Rinse again and apply your usual toner, serum and moisturizer. 

Note – Some of these facials require either time in the refrigerator or sitting time.  Read each facial recipe through first and if your time is very limited stay with the ones that require the shortest amount of time to make. 

Beauty In A Hurry Facial Masks Recipes

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber cools, soothes and hydrates the skin and this mask couldn’t be easier.

Wash and slice a chilled cucumber into thin circles, then apply to the entire surface area of your face, neck and decollete, and even on top of your closed eyes.

Relax and let the coolness soak into your skin for 5 minutes.  

Simple methods.
Spectacular results.

Banana Yogurt Mask

This moisturizing mask helps banish dry skin.

Mash one ripe banana thoroughly and mix with it  2 Tablespoons of plain whole yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey (you might have to microwave the honey a few seconds so that it will blend).

Combine thoroughly, apply to the face, neck and decollete and let it absorb in for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Milk Mask

Milk baths are a popular skin soothing and exfoliating treatment, and this milk mask concentrates those benefits for your upper chest and face.

Mix 1/2 cup of powdered organic milk with enough filtered water to make a thick paste.

Apply to your face, neck and decollete and let dry for 10 minutes before rinsing off to reveal smooth skin that’s like butter.

Avocado Mask

The good fats found in avocados are fantastic for your body but are also beneficial when applied topically.

Chill a ripe avocado and then peel, pit and mash. Mix in 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply to the face, neck and decollete and relax for 5 minutes.

Oatmeal Mask

Oats have long been used to soothe skin irritations.

Start by grinding 1/2 cup of organic oatmeal in a food processor until it has a powdery consistency.

Add 1 teaspoon honey and 2 Tablespoons of whole organic milk, stirring until the mixture is thick (if it’s too thick, add a bit more milk).

Let sit for 10 minutes and then apply to the face for 10 minutes.





My entire life is about my family and building a beekeeping business with my husband- COASTAL HONEY BEES LLC in Stuart, Fl. I make skin-loving soaps using our own raw honey. Additionally: I write. Make videos from time to time. Consider offers for modeling and acting. MORE ABOUT ME Married nearly 33 years, I'm 62 years old (going on 35!) love love fitness and have two amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. One of our kids is a 27 year old autistic son who I have home taught for the past 20 years. Our daughter is 32 and married and has an adorable baby girl. We have an amazing adult male labradoodle, and a baby labradoodle coming in December 2019! WHAT'S NEW Beekeeping! My hub and I have launched a beekeeping business! Very exciting! I'm in the process of formulating soaps and skin care items and will launch those lines soon.

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