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What I Am Doing To My Skin

Mostly I’m maintaining what I have. 

I’m happy with my results.  I look like me.  And that’s all I wanted to do.  

It’s not a simple as it sounds, though.  Good skin comes from daily habits that include products that work for your skin type (and they are not always pricey btw) and of course the must-do of eating right, drinking lots of water and exercising.  

I’ll take those points one by one. 

Products that work for your skin type.  

I can’t stress strongly enough that you must, must, know your skin type.  If you draw a blank there, it’s not hard to find out your type at all.  Many department store cosmetic counters have licensed aestheticians working behind them, and they can perform simple tests that take minutes of your time and are well worth the effort.  There are of course many spas and salons that also employ aestheticians and when you go in for a facial request that they do a skin type evaluation.  Last but not least dermatologists can do that in a heartbeat.  So, whatever means you choose to use, you’ve got to get that information before you put anything on your skin.  

Once you know, I can tell  you from decades of trial and error (and spending a damn lot of money) that there are lots of awesome products that do deliver results and don’t break the bank.  One of them is Oil Of Olay Moisture 365.  I use the one for normal skin, but, there are other formulas.  It’s got an SPF 15 and that’s really the way to go so you don’t have to limit yourself to liquid makeup that has an SPF – they don’t all.  Another product is Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum, it’s for all skin types and I simply don’t want to live without it.  It’s that good.

ROC products, namely the gold label line, is simply excellent.  I have been using the retinol serum and the advanced retinol cream since January 2018 and they do produce great results.  Big thumbs up there.

Don’t be afraid of store brands, either, especially when it comes to cleansers, sun protection, scrubs and facial masks.  I have used Walgreens’ own and CVS’ own and they work great.  One tip here is to use baby wipes to remove makeup.  The store brands are excellent and work well.

The last thing I want to  mention in this section is that if you are not using products that are formulated for your skin type they may not do any good at all, or even give you skin issues you didn’t have before.  

Me and my honey-bee on July 24th 2018. It was
“Christmas In July” at a local restaurant.

Eating right, etc.  

You must nourish your skin from within, that’s the ticket to a successful beauty program.  That translates into consuming lots of dark green veggies, citrus, good fats such as olive oil, salmon and avocados, and drinking 8 to 12 glasses of pure water every day of your life. 

Exercise should include yoga, targeted body work such as ab exercises, and aerobic activity every single day.  You don’t need to take a break from exercise, except from using weights, and there’s no reason on Earth why a healthy woman can’t go for a walk or run for 20 minutes or more, do 25 to 100 crunches, and 6 – 10 yoga asanas every day.  Thats not much and it will become your time to chill out and let go of the stress.  All of that adds up to a brighter, clearer, and yup, younger-looking complexion.  

I’ll be adding more updates here and on my YouTube channel.  Stay beautiful everyone!



I snapped this (closeup) selfie on Monday, August 27, 2018.  I just came out from getting a spray tan.  Which reminds me I need to write about them too.  I’m not wearing makeup, it’s just the tanning thing showing.  


Mostly I help my husband build our beekeeping business. Additionally: I write. Make videos from time to time. Consider offers for modeling and acting. MORE ABOUT ME Married nearly 33 years, I'm 62 years old (going on 35!) love love fitness and have two amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. One of our kids is a 27 year old autistic son who I have home taught for the past 20 years. Our daughter is 32 and married and has an adorable baby girl. WHAT'S NEW Beekeeping! My hub and I have launched a beekeeping business! Very exciting! I'm in the process of formulating soaps and skin care items and will launch those lines soon.

4 thoughts on “What I Am Doing To My Skin

  1. What a great photo! It’s not every woman who can take a photo that closeup and look as beautiful as you do. You’re a sweet woman who helps lots of people through your fitness work and your tarot readings. You’ll always be a favorite of mine. XOXO


  2. Geez hon you’re like 36 or something. I love your results. That’s what I want too! Who wouldn’t??? That pic of you and your hub is just too precious. You two rock!


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