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Why Do Celebrity Marriages Fail So Often?

We all see it happen.  

It’s (unfortunately for those involved) written about in magazines, newspapers and blogs, and it’s oftentimes the lead story on news programs. “Celebrity Marriages….” draws us in every time.  

And it’s also a pity that it’s no surprise to us that so many famous people don’t stay married very long.  In fact, we’ve all heard people say that they doubt any of the marriages of the people in the news will last and that the timer is ticking.  

Why do celebrity marriages fail anyway?  

One reason, imo, is that it’s expected for them to fail.  Part of it is what I just mentioned about the press getting into the celebrity personal info so often.  The world watches and waits, it seems, for the next story about a couple who are “going in different directions.”  Yeow.  What’s the world coming to that we make this a popular topic?  

It is not beyond reason that the majority of celebrities blame their relationship woes on time apart and distance.  No, that isn’t easy. I know from experience having lived through a period of my marriage when my husband travelled for business on a regular basis.  it can and does put a strain on the relationship.  

But, I have to say, also from experience, that the day to day life can be difficult too.  Seeing the same person every day can bring you closer to each other, true enough, but, when disagreements arise (and they will believe me) you have nowhere to go to gain a new perspective.  Simply going off to work doesn’t always do the trick as you can pretty much stew about an issue all day.  So, no, the constant contact method isn’t a bed of roses every single day, either.

But, then, what does that do to the whole idea of celebrity marriages failing because of time apart?  It shoots it to pieces, I say.  I don’t believe that that’s the root of the problem at all.  

It all goes back to one thing.  

Fidelity.  Geez, did I really use that word?  When is the last time you heard that said outside of it referring to a banking institution?  No one uses the word fidelity these days because it’s scary as hell and few want to actually look at it as a topic.  

This is where celebrity marriages fail.  They don’t stay true to each other.  The fans, the after parties, weeks or months spent on the road or on location, can very easily lead to forgetting all about the person waiting at home, and the cheating game starts.  

We’ve all heard about the leading man and leading woman in a movie getting involved in real life, and that’s also true of actors in plays, musicians, singers, dancers, and anyone performing before an audience.  It’s the lifestyle.  It’s the intoxicating feeling of being a star.  All of it put together spells trouble for a marriage in no uncertain terms.  

What about the celebrities who do stay married?  

They are amazing people!  Obviously in possession of an unusual dose of strength and willpower, and they live up to the promise they made to their spouse.  They are lauded by the press and as far as I’m concerned deserve every word of praise they ever receive!  

Marriage isn’t easy.  I know.  As  mom to an autistic son, I learned long ago that 95% of all married couples who have a severely handicapped child end up divorcing.  So, you see friends, I am well aware of how difficult it is to stay together under tough circumstances.   For that reason, I always give credit to celebrities who do manage to keep it together with their spouse.  I am doing it and intend to go right on staying with him.  

Will it ever change with celebrity marriages?  

So far, no, it has not.  And I don’t think it will.  I don’t see why.  We’ve got prenups signed, even by engaged couples and/or those living together, and it all boils down to the fact that if a person, celebrity or not, does not really believe the relationship is forever, it will never be.  

The only thing that can change the celebrity divorce rate, and the divorce rate at large, is our own attitude.  Do you want to spend the rest of your life with one person?  If you answer that with conditions and qualifications – then you might want to stay away from marriage.  Live together.  Stay single and don’t commit.  Whatever.  Because when you have doubts they are not going to go away.  They will only cause you to split up later on.  

Enough about marriage and divorce today, friends!  Get out and have some fun!




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4 thoughts on “Why Do Celebrity Marriages Fail So Often?

  1. Oh this is one subject I do get going on! What a bunch of cry babies we have in Hollywood! Yes some do lead stable lives despite the madness around them, but, the majority of them jump on the train heading for disaster. I’d definitely add drugs, alcohol, and a huge ego to the reasons why their marriages and anything resembling true commitment fall by the wayside. I’ve made money in my lifetime and at 66 I still turn heads, but I don’t give in the back alley kind of offers I’ve ever gotten and frankly still get. You say no to doing wrong. How can people smart enough to sing on stage and remember lines not get that???


  2. Yeah, celebrities get very whiney but as you very well point out we all have issues to deal with. Most celebrities should avoid marriage altogether. It’s just not for them on the whole.


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