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Vivace Microneedling Treatment With RF Review

I’m up and running! 

Today is the official start of my FBTV channel on YouTube and I’m pretty excited about it!  From now on I’ll be publishing new videos on Wednesdays and Fridays weekly, and probably increase from there as time goes on.  

I made my latest video about an hour after finishing my first Vivace treatment, and so you can see what I look like right after.  Aside from smoother skin, you really can’t see anything else.  It’s microneedling, so of course there’s some pink areas and perhaps a bit of tiny marks, but actually you’d need a magnifying glass to see them, so there’s no reason why you could not go out and do things after your service.  

The process.  

You’ll have a topical numbing cream applied to the face and neck (or wherever you are looking to have treated) and that takes 20 minutes to work. At that time, your skin is wiped down with alcohol and the Vivace instrument (kind of a pen with needle points) is pressed to the skin in circular motions.  Three passes are done for each area.  

There are levels within the Vivace system, and the lower level is almost completely painless, in fact I found that it tickled my neck!  The higher level, which was used on my neck later and on my cheeks, does feel like pins are pricking your skin, but it’s tolerable.  If you’ve had any waxing done, especially the bikini wax (ouch), then you’ll have no trouble with the higher levels at all.  But, for the sake of those of you who want total comfort, between the numbing cream and the lower level usage, you should not feel any pain at all.  

A serum is applied during and after the use of the Vivace system pen (or wand).  The type of serum used can vary and you should discuss this with your technician when booking your appointment to determine what kind of product would be best for you.  

After care.  

Yes, you will look fine to go out in public, but of course there are precautions.  You need to avoid sun exposure, and not apply anything to the treatment area aside from what you’re given to use, for at least 24 hours.  You can apply makeup the next day if desired, but, for myself I’m going to wait until the weekend (I got the treatment on a Wednesday).  

There is a facial mask and a bottle of serum in the goodie bag you get when you leave the spa, and those are the two products to be used.  It’s very easy and honestly it’s one of the simplest beauty/cosmetic services I’ve ever had or heard about.  


The process of microneedling combined with radio frequency boosts collagen production in the skin, so results will be seen on an ongoing basis.  Immediately there is some increase in the firmness of the skin, and that is really only the beginning.  

This is my first time using Vivace, and when I compare it with the microneedling service I got last December, I have to tell you there’s no comparison.   Vivace is great and I plan to continue using this from now on. 

Thanks everyone! 

I know it’s been a long time since I first talked about my talk show channel, FBTV, but with so many things happening, including the death of my mother this year, I had to put it off.  

But that’s the past!  From  now on it’s got the all-clear signal and I’m going to be adding content regularly! 

So many of you kind people sent me messages and posted here on WordPress and waited patiently.  You’re amazing and I am honored to have you with me!  

Take care and please come subscribe on YouTube! 


You can view my Vivace review video on my beauty talk show channel:  




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