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Hello beautiful friends!

This Fall I removed my lash extensions, and sadly, I have to report I had some damage.  As opposed to years ago when I had hair extensions (no, didn’t need them really it was just a phase) I had no damage, I have to admit I was a bit upset about it.

For me, the damage was more on my left side than the right.  The lashes were thinner, and didn’t respond to mascara very much at all.  I could get a darker color with mascara and some additional thickness, but adding length was almost out of the question.

Since then I have been on the hunt for lengthening mascara, such as the Physicians Formula Lash Booster Mascara I’ll be reviewing here.  I’ve gotten some great results, and am happy to report that as of now, which more than 6 weeks after removing my lash extensions, my lashes are showing signs of recovering.

Note that I have been using Latisse for about 45 days, yet, I don’t see a huge difference from that alone as of now.  It’s too soon.  The results I’m getting is from the mascara products I’ve been using.  And it’s very exciting!

Product Review – Physicians Formula Lash Booster Mascara  Price:  $8.99

This product is applied in two parts.  First the mascara itself goes on, and then the fiber lash extensions are applied.  It’s easy to do, and the results are excellent.

What I did.

I began with a freshly cleansed face, then used a lash curler tool.  From there I followed the instructions, which are very good btw.  (not every company does give good instructions but this company was very clear)

I applied the mascara, one coat.  Then the lash extension product, also one coat.  My eyes really popped!

Also, I had no irritation whatsoever, and the product came off easily using cold cream (my go to for eye makeup removal).  There was also no smearing during wear.  It’s great all the way around and I give a 9 out 10 rating.  I reserve that perfect 10 for rare use, so a 9 is truly an excellent score!

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Stay beautiful, ladies, 


I purchased my product with my own money and for my own use.  Below is an affiliate link to purchase on Amazon.  

Where to buy….



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  1. Was looking at this the other day. Since I saw your review I went ahead and bought it. I also had lash extensions and had much worse results than you did. My lashes are so sparse they are almost not even there. My derm doc said to use Latisse but it could take a year in use like mine. So, I’m going to give this a try. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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