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Lavish Lash HD Mascara Review

Super lash lengthening! 

About 2 months ago, I removed lash extensions after about a year of continuously wearing them.  I had damage to my natural lashes, and they are still not back to normal.  

Recently, I have been experimenting with layering mascaras, including lash extension types.  I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect here, but the liquid lash extension mascaras really work! 

Product Details – Lavish Lash HD Mascara 

Price $19.99 

My overall rating (0-10)  9.5 

Taken Dec 6 2018
A few hours after applying my Lavish Lash mascara.
It’s a very natural look.

My experience with this product: 

I have used the Lavish Lash about 6 to 8 times in all, and it really makes my lashes longer, bolder and makes my eyes stand out.  

My method is to begin with clean lashes, and then first apply another type of mascara that is not a liquid extension type, and then begin to layer the Lavish Lash on top of that.  

For an everyday look, I apply one layer of base mascara, and two to three layers of Lavish Lash.  I then touch up any areas of my lashes that look shorter.  In my case, my right side is much shorter than my left due to the damage I mentioned.  But I am able to get a look that’s very close to even.  

The overall affect is great!


As with the other liquid lash extension mascaras I’ve tried, this product is messy.  Keep tissues and/or cleansing wipes nearby to clean your hands, the tube, and possibly even the mirror you’re using. The product really can get everywhere.  

But, that’s the bad news.  Any clumping can easily be remedied by using a lash brush and combing it through the lashes.  I find that this is best done with a replacement mascara brush i buy in the drugstore.  Just one or two brushes through my lashes and they are free of any clumps.  

Be careful about applying the Lavish Lash evenly as it does really extend the lashes.  

I use cold cream to remove my Lavish Lash with no problems whatsoever.  


I purchased this product with my own money and for my own use.  



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2 thoughts on “Lavish Lash HD Mascara Review

  1. I really must try this mascara. You look beautiful! A very natural look and you’re right your eyes do stand out! I have used the lash strips and had lash extensions once upon a time but honestly they do tend to look pretty fake unless you apply short lashes and then what’s the point, LOL? The price on this isn’t bad at all. There are cheaper ones out there but if it works it’s way way cheaper than buying lashes and glue and much easier. Sold one to me!


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