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My AM Skin Care Routine


That’s what it’s all about with me.  My hub and I own and operate two active business, have an autistic son, a married daughter with a baby, and well, I just don’t have much time to waste!  

I have created two things for my mornings I just love:  an AM Wakeup Standing Yoga/Reps Routine and combined my wet skin care routine.  

What the heck are you talking about, Nancy?  

Yeah, most women pretty much ask that.  I’m here to tell you now.  Read on, this isn’t hard or complicated.  It’s just good for you inside and out.  

The AM Standing Routine Skin And Body 

I cleanse from forehead to décolleté.  I’ve been using Dr. Ohhira’s Kampuku Beauty Bar for about a dozen years.  As long as they continue to make it – I’ll be using it.  I love it.  Rinse.  

While still damp, I apply my first coat of toner.  I use Reviva Labs Rosewater Spray.  Love that, too.  What I do is spray on my hand and then massage it quickly over my skin.  Again, forehead to décolleté.  I apply 3 to 5 coats.  This is The Skin method, from our beautiful friends in Korea.  

While my skin is still damp from the toner,  I apply a serum.  Usually Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality Serum.  It’s cheap but very good.  

Now, the body work mixes in…..

I start out with lower body.  Position myself with hands on a wall, properly brace myself, and perform reverse kicks.  I do 50 with each leg.  You can do whatever reps work for you, here and in any of the other body areas.  

After the lower body, I use a spray bottle filled with plain water, and mist my skin forehead to décolleté.  I then apply another serum.  I drum my fingers on my skin to help it penetrate.  This is called “tapping”.  

Next I work the upper body.  I do one of these:  circles, arm presses using a wall, or upper body “jumping jacks” – 50 reps for each arm.  

 Again, I use a my water mist.   Now, I apply another serum.  Reviva Labs DMAE or Reviva Labs Hyalauronic Acid, or Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum (I use it all over my skin).   Obviously, I’m quite a fan of Reviva Labs. 

I do Volcano Pose, followed by Standing Forward Bend.  Then go on to abs now.  I do “pull ins” or “ab rocks” or “pelvic rocks”.   All the same exercise, it’s just known by different names.  50 reps.  

Now, I either continue applying serum, or, go straight to moisturizer.  It’s an option depending on what I want to apply.  Either way I once again mist my skin.  Then apply the product.  

I perform Reverse Namaste and to be efficient, perform heel raises while holding the pose.  Usually about 20 or more heel raises.  Then I lift my arms and move into Namaste.  Another 20 or more heel raises.  

If I applied another serum in the last skin care step, I will now mist and apply moisturizer.  That’s usually Oil Of Olay Moisture 365 for Normal Skin, With SPF 15.  

I perform Goddess, Chair and Tree Poses.  Usual hold time is 10 to 20 seconds.  

I raise/lower my arms and take deep breaths  

I’m done.  

This takes me 30 minutes.  It gives me my AM routine, plus great skin care.  It’s worth getting up half an hour earlier if necessary.  I feel great, and my skin thanks me!  


NOTE – All products mentioned in this blog post were bought by me, with my own money, and are what I use and find to be beneficial.  


Selfie taken December 14 2018.  In 2019 I’m targeting my upper eyelids to improve skin tone.  The rest of my face and décolleté I have no signs of being the “typical” 61 year old woman.  Additionally, this photo is in bright South Florida daylight, and I am wearing absolutely NO makeup.  



My entire life is about my family and building a beekeeping business with my husband- COASTAL HONEY BEES LLC in Stuart, Fl. I make skin-loving soaps using our own raw honey. Additionally: I write. Make videos from time to time. Consider offers for modeling and acting. MORE ABOUT ME Married nearly 33 years, I'm 62 years old (going on 35!) love love fitness and have two amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. One of our kids is a 27 year old autistic son who I have home taught for the past 20 years. Our daughter is 32 and married and has an adorable baby girl. We have an amazing adult male labradoodle, and a baby labradoodle coming in December 2019! WHAT'S NEW Beekeeping! My hub and I have launched a beekeeping business! Very exciting! I'm in the process of formulating soaps and skin care items and will launch those lines soon.

7 thoughts on “My AM Skin Care Routine

  1. Just look at that skin!!!! You’re looking half your age! And I really like this routine. It is a smart blend of beauty and fitness.


  2. What an excellent way to start the day! You pack a lot into that 30 minute program! I’ll start slower, maybe 10 reps. I like it so I want to make it work for me.


  3. Once again, I am so impressed by you! This is a fantastic use of time! Yes, it surely worth allowing 30 minutes in the morning. Thank you!!


  4. You. Glow. Beautiful! I also don’t think you should worry much about those upper lids. I’m a little older than you, but let me tell you my lids without makeup look like they’ve been run over by a truck! You are about as near to perfect as it gets!


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