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Go Shopping In Your Own Closet!

Not to mention drawers and everywhere else you stash you stuff! 

It’s January, so it’s the ideal time to take inventory your clothing, shoes, handbags and all other accessories.  Think of it as owning a boutique (some of us have enough stored in our homes to open our own boutique!), and, as the woman in charge, you need to look at what you have, how much value it has to you, and the BIG question – do you still need it?  

You could feel like you hit the lottery.  

Well, in some ways you might.  If you’re like me and thousands of other women, we have those places, dark and little used, in the back of closets and in forgotten chests of drawers, where we keep things.  Just keep, not wear.  So, going through those dark places can lead to discover jeans, blouses, belts, maybe even shoes and boots we haven’t worn in forever – but, just so happen to be back in style!

I am in the process of doing this myself, and let me tell you, I am more than a little shocked at what I have!  I found some gems that I haven’t worn in 5 years or more, that are now moving out of the dark and into the light!  And this is in pretty much every category including jewelry and hats!  

Shopping in your own closet explained.  

Here’s what I’m doing, and I am very happy with how it’s working out – I’m putting outfits together, not just keeping pieces.  After all, it’s great that my jeans from 15 years still fit like always, but, what good are they if I don’t have the right top and shoes for them?  So, to keep that dark graveyard in my closet from happening all over again, I’m only keeping what I can put together with everything I need to make a complete outfit.  It really does make that “keep it or not” choice easier!

Makes sense.  

Definitely!   Having complete outfits, including some mixing and matching, is giving me more time to do other things than run around trying find that yellow blouse (where is it I know I wore it – when? 6 months ago?!) and it also helps me pull together great looks for any occasion.  

While I don’t have to keep everything hanging in order, outfit by outfit, going through all my wearables and organizing them, allows me to grab what works and move on to other things.  Nice.  

One last thing.  

Emotional ties.  A woman’s closet is a treasure trove of memories.  The dress we wore for that first date.  The shoes we rocked for that class reunion in 2005.  (sigh)  Yes, there are lots of emotions tied up in what we have worn.  But, if it’s out of style, or, if it no longer fits, we need to discard it – give it away if it’s still in good condition – and step out of the past and into a brighter future! 

Have fun shopping!




My entire life is about my family and building a beekeeping business with my husband- COASTAL HONEY BEES LLC in Stuart, Fl. I make skin-loving soaps using our own raw honey. Additionally: I write. Make videos from time to time. Consider offers for modeling and acting. MORE ABOUT ME Married nearly 33 years, I'm 62 years old (going on 35!) love love fitness and have two amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. One of our kids is a 27 year old autistic son who I have home taught for the past 20 years. Our daughter is 32 and married and has an adorable baby girl. We have an amazing adult male labradoodle, and a baby labradoodle coming in December 2019! WHAT'S NEW Beekeeping! My hub and I have launched a beekeeping business! Very exciting! I'm in the process of formulating soaps and skin care items and will launch those lines soon.

17 thoughts on “Go Shopping In Your Own Closet!

  1. Just saw this discussion! Nancy, people online are notorious for stealing other people’s work. Roll with the punches and take it all in stride. I’d block this Melissa55 person if I were you.


        1. Jill, you’ve been with me here on WordPress for a long time, and your friendship means a lot! I do agree that so much work is pirated online, but I don’t want to start a problem over it, and I am not going to say that anyone did anything intentionally wrong. Let’s leave it at that for now. Nancy


        2. Oh yes. Pirates and hackers make the internet go round. This lady is shady to me, too. I got through one of her videos and felt sick. She is lying. It was clear to me. But, you know, besides stealing Nancy’s work, this person got some traffic to her channel as well. It’s all part of the B.S. So stay away from that Melissa55 channel on YouTube everyone!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Same here. I got roped into watching a couple of her videos and she is the most phoney person I ever saw. Who is she kidding? She’s in her 60s and she’s “done some work”. So what? Who gives a shit? Just say it like is is though. Don’t give me that Retin A nonsense. If it worked so well, plastic surgeons would be out of business!!


    1. Nancy, this is a troller. She’s just here to see how much of your work she can get away with stealing. She should just stay the heck out. Go grab someone else’s ideas.


    2. This is an old trick, Melissa. Stealing a topic and then taking advantage of the publicity from the backlash. You’re a hack. Nothing more. I’m not interested in your work online so you get nothing from me.


    3. I used to be a fan of yours on YouTube, Melissa. But I simply do not believe you when you say you only used Retin A. I also shared your channel with a doctor friend and he said it’s very unlikely you’re being honest with people. Now, you’re here and you just so happen to film a video about a top Nancy just talked about. That’s not a coincidence. I agree with the others that you are nothing but a hack. Sorry to say it but the evidence is right there in front of me.


  2. Love love this! My closet is so full it’s unreal. My mother used to tell me I had a store in my closet so I had to laugh when I read this. That photo of you is really gorgeous! You look like an A-lister!


  3. Oh yes! I have stuff I got for Christmas of 2010 that I still haven’t worn! Anything like that is being donated and I’m only keeping what I really want to wear! You’re the best, hon!!


  4. Surely this is about me! I have so much stuff I honestly never use and embarrassingly enough I’ve actually bought shoes and accessories only to find that I already the same items buried at the bottom of a drawer! Cleaning out is not only going to save me time but also a lot of $$ wasted!


  5. I just LOVE this! I’m a plus size woman, but not every year I’m not. My closet is full of whatever fit me the year I bought it and it’s really hard to find anything I can wear right now. I’m going to follow your advice to the letter! If it doesn’t work for me today – it’s not staying!


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