CYO Foundation Review

Nice surprise. 

It’s only $7 a bottle, but it’s a great product that comes in a wide range of colors, lasts a long time, blends well, and, feels great on.  

Drugstore treasures.  

I was always the girl who walked right past the cheaper stuff, assuming that it “couldn’t possibly” compare to the expensive products I used to buy without fail.  CYO foundation, and other affordable products you’ll hear me raving about, have proven me completely wrong in that!   

On the left is #111, which is a bit lighter. On the right is #13, a bit deeper. Both are great for warmer skin tones.

My shades.  

I chose to purchase color numbers #111 and #113, with the first one being a bit lighter.  I’m thinking that the #113 will be great to carry me into the Summer months, when I’m more religious about getting spray tans and my skin is bronzed.  The #111 is what I’m wearing in the photo for this post.    SEE MY VIDEO REVIEW ON THE BEAUTY MOM ON YOUTUBE


I bought my CYO Foundation at Walgreens Drugstore, for my own use.  It’s a quality product, not just for 7 bucks, but really, it’s as good as others that cost 4 or 5 times more money.  

I hope everyone is staying with just one beneficial change!  Read about the three I recommend in my blog post from Sunday, January 6, 2019.




  1. This is great news! I used to only shop the big dollar items, but now I’m starting to learn more and like the money I still have in my pocket! Your reviews are terrific. You’re not biased and you give us the lowdown on what you actually use. That foundation looks beautiful on you – thank you so much for your work!


  2. Your skin just glows! I can’t believe something that cheap looks that good! Your skin is already great, though. And that helps. So, keeping our skin healthy helps us to save money on layers of expensive goop we need to put on to look good LOL


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