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My Honey Soaps Last Beautifully Long

Honey is a big part of it.  

One of the many reasons why my primary soap formula additive, honey, is an excellent choice is that it helps keep the bars fresher longer.  My Honey Chunk bars wear down gradually, and because they reveal more and more of the my Golden Glycerin chunks, look prettier and prettier.  The featured image of my bar in this blog post, has been used in our shower for one week and it looks great.  

Being smart.  

Never throw away the small bits and pieces of soap that remain when the bar is finished.  Instead, place them in a mesh bag and use them as a fantastic body scrub!  

The soft mesh bags I give to my customers who purchase a set of 4 or more bars, (seen below) are soft enough to use head to toe.  So just like my Honey Chunk bars, they make showering easier and so much better for your skin.  

Where to buy?  

You can purchase my Honey Chunk bars right here at this website.  Click To Learn More

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Back To Basics – Using A Loofah

Incredibly Easy

You can easily find loofahs at your local drugstore, beauty supply or natural health market.

There are many different sizes, shapes and types to choose from, including small natural loofahs, circular loofahs for facial use, loofah mitts and even loofah gloves.

You’ll need to buy one that’s larger and a bit coarser in texture for your body, and another that’s smaller and labelled for use on the face.

Note that the loofah you use on your face is also the one you should be using on your decollete, as it’s going to be softer in texture and less likely to scratch the skin.

Newly purchased loofahs are commonly rough and hard but they become softer and more flexible with use.

Soften Loofahs For First Time Use

To get ready for your first use, soak your loofah in a pan of boiling hot water and keep it immersed for an hour or two before use.

If you have the time, you can also immerse your loofah in water overnight before your first use, adding a bit of either witch hazel or tea tree oil to the water.


Using A Loofah Step By Step

Start by getting into the shower and wetting your entire body to prepare for the exfoliation process.

Wet your loofah with warm water; enough to help the cleanser lather well. Now apply the required amount of your body wash.

Starting with your chest, scrub with the loofah in gentle, circular motions for a full minute.

Now come down towards your abdomen area and scrub here again with the same motion for a minute or so. Continue the process towards your back and neck for 1-2 minutes.

Next scrub your arms focusing on the elbows for 1 minute or so each.

Then scrub both your legs for 2-5 minutes each focusing on the knees, back of the thighs and the backside.

Last but not least, scrub your feet and hands each for 2 minutes.


Spend more time in scrubbing the rough and dry areas such as heels and knees.

Rinse off the suds thoroughly with warm water, finishing with a cold water splash to tighten the pores that were opened during the exfoliation process.


After your shower, towel dry and splash on witch hazel head to toe.

Apply a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type. I prefer using body care products that contain aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, calendula or comfrey.

This is me. Age 58. At home, with my sweet husband snapping the photo.