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Top 3 Fitness Hacks Revealed – These WORK!


We all need a shot in the arm once in a while.  Especially when it comes to staying with a regular, daily fitness program.  And staying with it is the only way to ever reach that coveted goal of staying in shape for life!  

This video gives you my top 3 fitness hacks.  These are my top tried and true tips for keeping your head in the game, and keeping your body moving even when you find yourself feeling a bit less enthusiastic about getting that workout done.  



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Sunday Pep Talk January 6 2019

Be good to yourself. 

That’s probably not what you expected me to say when you saw the words “pep talk” in the title.  But, that’s how I’d like everyone to act this week.  Be good to yourself, treat yourself well, and let the benefits begin! 


Pick one, and just one, aspect of your usual diet/exercise/skin care to change for the better.  Remember that you can’t change your whole world in a day, or even a month, so give it time.   Stop thinking about the “after” and focus on the “now”. 

Monitoring progress. 

Keeping a simple, old-school, written journal is really the way to go.  You can jot down your thoughts, ideas and results, at any time, and it goes anywhere with you – with or without a good wifi connection. 

My recommendation.  

Pick only one of the following to begin right now.  Remember you’re making permanent changes, so let’s be realistic about what we can keep in our lives moving forward.   Any one of these changes gets you off to a great start!

  • Drink two additional 8oz glasses of water per day.  You can add a slice of lemon, orange or grapefruit, but stay away from adding packets of anything at all.  Think simplicity here.
  • Stretch every single morning.  Stay to the basics.  Begin in Namaste.  Hold 10 seconds.  Stretch up/down and right/left.  While standing do some leg circles, then some ankle circles.  Raise your arms up while breathing in deeply and lower them on the exhale.  Number of reps is entirely up to you.  You’re done.  
  • Apply a good quality exfoliating mask from forehead to décolleté once per week.  Choose one that’s formulated for your skin type.  

I’ll be publishing my Pep Talks  every Sunday, both here on WordPress and on my YouTube Channel – The Beauty Mom.  It’s worth subscribing to my YouTube channel, because I won’t be posting the same content to both sites.  Come join my community there!

Feedback is always appreciated!  

Have a great week,