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Professional Advice About Counting Calories

Weight loss has become too commercial. 

It really has.  So much so that many, or even most, people think of “weight loss” as automatically a great thing.  It is not automatically that.  Let me go on to give my professional advice about counting calories to learn why.  

Calories in food. 

What we eat and drink has a purpose in the human body.  It supplies us with energy, “fuel” if you will, to go out and do the things we want and like to do.  It also nourishes us, strengthens our immune system, and yes, it can even keep our skin, hair and teeth looking beautiful.  

The purpose of food.  

If we don’t eat we starve.  Everyone knows that.  If we don’t drink enough water we will become dangerously dehydrated.  Everyone knows that, too.  So, why is society at large so ready to cut back, cut out and eliminate foods and beverages that are good for us?  Because of a picture in a magazine.  That’s one big reason why.  

Why do we look at others.  

Your answer to that is your own.  But, I do know, from coaching dozens of women for over a decade, having studied Fitness & Nutrition, holding 6 certifications in fitness and nutrition, and other training as well, that psychology plays a huge role in how we go about eating.  Huge.  

For some reason, women (perhaps men, too, but I don’t think they do as much of it) look at other women as competition.  Not just in the work place.  Or in school.  Or in any healthy sense.  No, they look at other women as possibly having an edge over them, looking “better” than they do, and hence, being in an enviable position.  

That’s crazy.  

Maybe so.  But, women do it every single day.  I hope, that if even one of you reads this post and sees herself in what I’m writing, that you take steps to change what could be the most self-destructive habits you ever have.  

Is saying “self-destructive” too strong a phrase?  No. Not really.  Because when we as women begin to starve ourselves, cut out healthy foods, and think we should be “just like” someone else, that puts in a bad place.  We live with a negative attitude that affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.  That’s why I call it “self-destructive”.  It touches every aspect of our lives.  

In this photo, I am 58 years old.

What about losing weight?  

Just losing weight should not be your goal.  I know.  You hear women everywhere saying “I lost 20 pounds” and the people around them applaud.  But that’s not all that matters.  What about strength?  Stamina?  Skin health?  Which, by the way, healthy skin and hair are good indications that a person is in overall good physical condition.  

It seems that few people are even asking those questions.  I guess I must be brave.  Because I do ask them.  

Counting calories.  

It’s the best way to shed unhealthy (NOT unwanted, mind you) weight, and give your body the right amount of nutrients.  Eat a wide variety of foods, always.  Unless you have a medical reason, you should never eliminate good, beneficial food groups, such as carbs.  

Counting calories is much more than simply getting a meal plan and following it.  You need to know where you are first.  Create a food journal, and not how many calories you currently intake on a daily basis.  Go online and search if you need to, but come to a reasonably accurate daily caloric intake number.  

Next, know what your healthy weight range should be.  Are you, say, 15 pounds above it?  OK.  This is the place to start.  

For every 150 – 200 calories you eliminate per day, will result in about a 10 to 20 pound drop in a one year period.  What??  A whole year???  Yup.  That’s what I said.  I do not promote quick-weight-loss or any other potentially unhealthy lifestyle change.  

Diet Tips

  • Don’t drop the calories from the good foods.  Keep the lean proteins.  Keep the fresh fruit and veggies.  Keep whole grains.
  • Drop the refined sugar, foods with artificial flavorings and artificial colorings in them.  Dump the junk! 
  • Be sure you are drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water every day.
  • Drink black, green or white tea with local honey in it once per day or more.  
  • Add cayenne pepper to your foods as much as possible.  It is great for you.  
  • If you eat potatoes, use low-fat sour cream on them with your favorite herbs on top.  
  • Use whipped butter and whipped peanut butter.  
  • Cook at home as often as you possibly can.  Makeover high-calorie foods.  
  • EXERCISE.  This is must be a part of your life.  Get outside, or stay home, whatever you prefer.  But, put 15 minutes at a minimum, of some type of planned exercise in your life every single day.  
  • Be proud of yourself.  You are not as beautiful as any other woman.  And, other women are not as beautiful as Y-O-U!  

Take care everyone,