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My Honey Soaps Last Beautifully Long

Honey is a big part of it.  

One of the many reasons why my primary soap formula additive, honey, is an excellent choice is that it helps keep the bars fresher longer.  My Honey Chunk bars wear down gradually, and because they reveal more and more of the my Golden Glycerin chunks, look prettier and prettier.  The featured image of my bar in this blog post, has been used in our shower for one week and it looks great.  

Being smart.  

Never throw away the small bits and pieces of soap that remain when the bar is finished.  Instead, place them in a mesh bag and use them as a fantastic body scrub!  

The soft mesh bags I give to my customers who purchase a set of 4 or more bars, (seen below) are soft enough to use head to toe.  So just like my Honey Chunk bars, they make showering easier and so much better for your skin.  

Where to buy?  

You can purchase my Honey Chunk bars right here at this website.  Click To Learn More

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Using Retinol – Results Update

Greetings everyone, 

I began my journey with retinol in January, 2018 and I have been using it either exclusively or alternating with Tretinion, ever since.  At this point I am able to give you my complete opinion of both.  Since the title of this blog post mentions retinol alone, you can probably guess at some of what I’m about to say.  

Retinol – Good And Bad 

The Good

In a nutshell – it works.  All the hype out there about how retinol is the “gold standard” in skin care is exactly right.  The product is easy to use, and over time any itching, redness and/or peeling reduces down to a minimum.  (You want to see at least some of these things because it means it’s still working for you)  Aside from those side effects, there is nothing but great news about how retinol affects the skin.  

Expect clearer skin in about 30 to 90 days, with the benefits accumulating from there on.  There’s a firmness to the skin as well that’s subtle but definitely there.  Dark spots diminish or vanish altogether.  As if all that weren’t enough, the surface of the skin is so smooth that makeup glides on easily and the color of your foundation might also be much truer than before.  

The Bad

I have not found anything to say about using retinol that is actually a “bad”.  My only caution is that you don’t give in to impulse buying or pressure from sales clerks who want to push you into changing brands.  When you find what works for you, stick with it.  For me it’s ROC.  It’s been around a long time and that stands to reason as far as I’m concerned.  It’s an excellent product line that truly delivers on its promises.  


Tretinoin – Good And Bad 

I wanted to also mention Retin-A, or Tretinoin, as it also gets lots of attention in the media.  I began using it in May 2018, about 5 months after beginning retinol (which helps your skin build up a tolerance), and I did everything possible to make it work for nearly one full year. For me – it just doesn’t do much good.  Read on to learn more.  

I used two different Tretinoin products – .05 cream, and Apostrophe’s Tretinoin Plus that is .05 cream with Niancinamde added to help reduce irritation.  The straight .05 cream seemed okay at first.  But, as soon as I got past using it 2 or 3 times per week, my skin started looking worn-out, even haggard – with no visible benefits.  When I used the Tretinoin Plus it seemed to be the answer at first.  But, once again, as soon as I attempted to make progress and increase usage past twice per week, my skin started to look as though I had the flu – which I did not.  


I love my ROC retinol products.  I love the results.  Somewhere inside of me is a voice that says “But…..Tretinoin is prescription is HAS to work!”  But alas, I’m learning to ignore that voice and keep with what makes my skin look and feel amazing. For me that’s my ROC retinol.  That’s my own personal gold standard.  

NOTE – I buy my own ROC products with my own money and for my own use.  This is not a paid endorsement!