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Don’t Wait For Monday – Start Right Now!

Making changes. 

I always tell women to make small, positive changes to their diet, exercise and skin care habits that they can make a permanent part of their lives.  When to start them?  There’s never any better time than right now!  

My tips (and hacks) for success.  

Keep a journal.  I recommend going old-school and use pen and paper.  It’s relaxing and a great way to track your progress.  Make notes about how you feel, physically and emotionally.  Jot down your start/stop dates for products.  

Makeover one meal.  The choice is yours, but, I’d say breakfast is the easiest.  I have a huge supply of recipes and good recommendations for healthier options, and in this post I’ll give you one right now.  Use light bread, I like Pepperidge Farm Light Wheat, and make two slices of toast.  Use one triangle of original Laughing Cow cheese as a spread.  Slice strawberries or use your favorite jam that’s made without sugar and use that as a topping.  You can have coffee or tea, but don’t add sugar.  Cream is OK.  You’ll have between 280 and 330 calories.  And it tastes delicious!  

Arm yourself with the right snacks..  Keep light snacks around that require little or no preparation.  The classic celery and carrot sticks are always a good idea, but stay away from high calories dips and dressings.  Small apples, easy-peel tangerines, and small grapefruit are super good for you and I like them the best.  Keep the individual serving packs of applesauce around – get the organic brands that do not add sugar.  You’ll keep good nutrition in your snacks and not go over 100 – 150 calories.  

Clean out your makeup stash.  If you’ve had the same makeup during all of 2018  it’s time to get rid of it and buy new items.  Yes, this can be expensive.  Look for discounts and BOGO as much as you can.  Doing something as simple as this can make a noticeable difference in the overall health of your skin, and  limit breakouts and blackheads.  While you’re at it, check the brands and colors you’ve been using.  Think about trying what’s new and different.  Don’t go to extremes, but, a little splash of color on your skin can be amazing!