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Lip Volume

Keep Your Lips Looking Young

Lip volume is something women tend to lose with age, but for some of us, it comes sooner than our forties or beyond.

Smoking, overexposure to the sun, and even going up and down on the weight-loss roller coaster, can cause the tissue in the lip area to thin prematurely.

Collagen production tends to slow down in the human body after age 25, and along with it comes a slower cell turnover rate.

This spells trouble with a capital T for our lips, unless we take care of them on a daily basis. Like every other aspect of life, our bodies tend to reflect what we put into (and onto) them.

Lip Volume 101

To retain good lip volume, and to even help plump out thinning lips, you need to think a bit outside the box and learn to apply facial products to your lips.

It’s not something that’s typically promoted in most beauty books and magazines, but it’s something I’ve been practicing my whole life, and even though I’ve been blessed with a full pout, I’ve kept it just as full as ever at age 60 – and counting.

The photo to the left is me, at age 59.

AM Lip Routine

Your body needs water first thing in the morning, and this is a time when you may notice that your lips are dry for that reason.

Drinking two glasses of water before you put anything into your stomach or beginning your Yoga/Pilates/It’s Good To Be Alive wake-up routine.

After that, cleanse your face, neck, decollete and lips with a creamy, milk-type cleanser or cold cream.

Work it into the skin well, for about one full minute.

Rinse with warm, then cool water.

Use a scrub for the T-area of your face, or all over if you’ve got oilier skin. Very carefully work that scrub on the lips for about ten seconds. Rinse again.

Finish with toner, serum and moisturizer that’s formulated for your skin type. Be sure to include your lips.

Professional Tip: Drink 8 to ten glasses of water every day of your life to keep the volume in your skin, including your lips.

Simple methods. Sensational results.