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Cindy Crawford Bikini Shot ROCKS – So Does Mine!

This is a rant.  Yup.  I am pretty stoked about this. 

Are they kidding?  

Honestly, I have come to the point of seeing the out and out B.S. that is posted online.  Really.  Yes I have been on the web a long time alright, and I have seen a lot, but this is getting ridiculous.  

This week Cindy Crawford, who is one of my favs and always will be, posted a bikini shot on Instagram.  She looks beautiful.  As much as ever, even though she is so freakin’ humble about it that she usually makes some kind of self-criticizing comment about her looks.  Well, you may already know that some idiots posted ageist remarks and, let me also tell you, I would love love LOVE to see those people in bikinis.  Or speedos.  Whatever applies.  But, bullies have no guts.  Or balls.  Again whatever.  

I’m steamed.  

I’ve always been the nice-nice girl. Hesitated to post negative reviews even when I hated the stupid products.  I always figured it made more sense to tell everyone about what works than what doesn’t.  And, I don’t like to publish negative comments.  It just isn’t who I am.  But right now I’m stepping outside the box and I’m stepping up for what I know to be true.  

OMG I’m 60 here!

Age makes no damn difference at all.  

It does not.  I’m 62 and I’m younger than I was 20 years ago.  I’m more energetic and have a better attitude, especially about myself and body image, and, I’m much much more confident.  All the years of post meno and then full blown meno are behind me.  Thank God.  And I’m holding my head up very high with more pride than ever.  So yes age makes no difference – except to make us better all the way around if we allow it to happen.  

Interestingly enough as well is that I notice I turn more heads now than I did at 40.  Hmmm. According to the low-class crowd on Instagram who slammed Cindy that isn’t supposed to happen.  Ha!

One big thing that stops us.  

These damn articles. Because people we know are going to be talking about it.  If you are over 40 you remember Cindy Crawford back in the day and so does everyone you know of your own age or so.  All it takes is one brainless, spineless clown online to get the ball rolling and people everywhere are so very ready to slam an older woman who has the solid brass to not only wear a bikini but damn well rock it.  Imagine the nerve of such a woman??? Really??

How to fight this krap.  

Be yourself.  Smile.  Don’t just say “age is irrelevant”-  LIVE IT!  Do what you want.  Go after what you want.  Never stop chasing that dream no matter how many fools point at you and throw their insults.  They’re like Lemmings following each other.  No.  Scratch that.  It’s much worse. They’re like the freakin’ Walking Dead!  

May 2019 – I’m 62 here


Bikini shot of me at age 58.   (Featured)

Bikini shot of me at age 60.  (Mid Post)

Daisy Dukes shot at age 62 – for kicks.  (Lower Post)