Don’t Wait For Monday – Start Right Now!

Making changes.  I always tell women to make small, positive changes to their diet, exercise and skin care habits that they can make a permanent part of their lives.  When to start them?  There’s never any better time than right now!   My tips (and hacks) for success.   Keep a journal.  I recommend going…

Lavish Lash HD Mascara Review

Super lash lengthening!  About 2 months ago, I removed lash extensions after about a year of continuously wearing them.  I had damage to my natural lashes, and they are still not back to normal.   Recently, I have been experimenting with layering mascaras, including lash extension types.  I have to say, I didn’t know what…


Hello beautiful friends! This Fall I removed my lash extensions, and sadly, I have to report I had some damage.  As opposed to years ago when I had hair extensions (no, didn’t need them really it was just a phase) I had no damage, I have to admit I was a bit upset about it….

Wearing Mineral Makeup

Better For Your Skin What you need to keep in mind when shopping for a mineral makeup line is whether or not the products contain oils, dyes, chemical preservatives, talc, perfumes, parabens and other pore-clogging properties. This is especially true if you’ve got sensitive skin issues and/or have had less-than-pleasant experiences when trying something new….

7 Makeup Rules To Live By

Are there really golden rules to getting just the right look – day or night? Yes, actually there are! While no one has every imaginable makeup answer for every woman, you should find that by following this advice, you get the look you so desire every time you walk out the door. Here is the…