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For Cindy Crawford From One Of Your Biggest Fans – ME!

Been reading a lot about you. 

It seems that there are a lot of articles written about you, Cindy, and of late that number is going up.  Why?  Perhaps it’s because you’re retiring (I for one am sad to hear that!) and you’re 50 and the “age thing” does attract attention from the media doesn’t it?

But that shouldn’t be.  No.  Really.  It. Should. Not. Be.

Because age, like weight, race, religion, political leanings, and other personal factors, should not be what we look at as an “issue.”

There I said it.

And I’m quite sure that these days – especially these days I believe – more and more women are saying, “Enough of the negative crap about me I’m vital, healthy, and yup, I’m freakin’ GORGEOUS!”

Sound like something you’ve heard before?  Well, it might be.  Because women who have fought against the weight, race, religion, political leanings and other personal factors “issues”, have pretty much said that.  No doubt many have used much stronger terms, but, the message is clear – “Cut it the fuck out!”  Oops.  Sorry.  Strong term there LOL.

How this applies to you, in my opinion, Cindy Crawford.  

These articles I keep reading, the most recent one being today, imply  that you are a bit down (my word I’m using as it’s the way I see it) about your age and that your skin isn’t as “good” as it once was and that your waistline will never be the “same” as it was when you were younger.

I’d like to address both of those problems one at a time.  Here goes:

Your skin isn’t as “good”.  

I’m 60.  So I’m about a decade older.  See anything wrong with my skin?  Really wrong.  Not older.  Not mature.  I mean “wrong”.  I hope no one does.  Because i’m healthy as heck.

Just because a woman has been on Earth longer, and Mother Nature did her thing and she’s got some crow’s feet or other lines on her beautiful face, that doesn’t mean her value goes down.  That’s just plain bullshit we women are told from when we’re learning to walk.  And just because the bullshit has been shoveled out by so many people, and accepted by the masses, it doesn’t make it smell any sweeter.

We can all raise the health-level of our skin by drinking more water, at least 8 to 10 glasses per day, especially when  you saunter past age 35, keeping the SPF 15 or higher handy, and putting exercise in our lives every single day.  Facial exercise, water & lotion masks (easy and amazing-good) and lymphatic massage can make a huge difference.  Injectables can of course be great, but, we should in my opinion do as little as possible of that.  I myself tried Botox a year ago and just last week tried it again.   But I’m not writing to rate that product or brag about my successful practices.

The bottom line is that society at large needs to lighten up on women and beauty.  If we’re only “beautiful” at 20 and live to 85 or older that makes for a huge chunk of our lives spent in the “ugly” range.  Screw that.  I’m not buying into it at all.

Signs of life look good on a person.  Just look at Mel Gibson.  He’s got a ton of living written all over his face.  And it’s cool for him.  Of course.  He’s a man.  Cripes.  The same can’t possibly apply to Demi Moore can it?  Or Helen Mirren?  I say of course it can and why the hell our media does not pick up on that is beyond me.

Your waistline will never be the “same” as when you were younger.  

OK.  Here I can testify that “Oh yes it can!”  I have, and this is no exaggeration, the same waistline, hips, thighs, posture, all of it, that I had at 17.  Good genes help.  But they don’t do the work for you.  I put exercise in my life every day, follow smart portion-control rather than ruling out foods I love, and include yoga and using an inversion table as part of my regular life as well.  It’s not all that hard really.  It’s just routining yourself and remembering that you should take as good care of yourself as you do others and it keeps you motivated.

Who the heck is Nancy Welker anyway?? 

Oh.  I’m a wife, mom of 2, and one of my kids, my son, is severely autistic.  I rolled up my sleeves and taught him at home, after the school system failed him, beginning at age 4 and he’s now turning 25.  It’s limited me career-wise, and so, now, just in these past 2 years, I am pursuing a lifelong love of acting and possibly modeling if a job comes up for me, as well.

What was that again?  Yes, I’m going after a career as an actress/model now.  I started in earnest at 58.  Not 18 or even 28.  58.  Whew.

The message I carry to the world is that I am part of the diversity we hear so much about.  And that the world surely does need to recognize and appreciate everyone.  People come in many different sizes, shapes, dispositions……and ages.  No one should ever be “counted out” or “put out to pasture”.

Since going through the female changes I’m stronger than ever, literally, and have more confidence than ever as well. I attribute part of the added confidence to busting through some of the ancient beliefs about women and age and what we “can’t do” anymore.

My best to you Cindy! 

This isn’t to say anything at all negative about you!  As I stated I’m a fan now and forever – and wish you’d reconsider the retirement decision.  You’re my ideal fashion model, spokesmodel, all of it.  Age hasn’t made you less beautiful and in fact it’s made you more so in some great ways.

I wanted to write down my thoughts about age and since seeing the Fox News article posted, I thought I’d like to give you a little wisdom from a somewhat older, and surely in spirit only,  sister.

You’ve still got it, Cindy!  And it just can’t be lost – ever!

Link to the Fox News article.  


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Always Remember Where You Come From

No matter what.  

I have at any given time two or three possibilities in front of me.  If I’m not working as an actress or model it’s because I’m not happy with the casting and I turn it down.  So one of these days the right one (or ones) will come along and I’ll be more visibly successful than I am right now.

But, that doesn’t mean I should forget those who are supportive of me, and what I have right now that’s enabling me to go after my dream.  As far as I’m concerned a person should remember where you come from.


My dream gig right now is a part in a movie production that allows me to learn more about my craft and show my talent at the same time.  And there are a few of them now that I may be auditioning for, so who knows?, my moment could be right around the corner.

Nancy Welker
Comp Card
Black & White Version
Summer 2015

I love acting.  It’s been in my blood since I was born I believe.  I can still remember the first time I walked out onto a stage.  I was 6 years old and playing one of the kids in a department store for a Christmas show we were making in school.  I recall the stage so well.  It was old.  The building was built back in the 1920s.  And the old wood floors creaked like crazy when stepped on.  I thought the sound of it was so cool.  I still do.  And the old red velvet that had been donated by a local theatre group was dusty, musty and had the distinct smell of age about it.  Also very cool.  If I close my eyes I can remember it as if I were back there again, in 1963.

For a long time my dream was put on hold.  Finishing school.  Jobs.  Marriage and kids.  All of them were and are still wonderful.  But they didn’t allow me to pursue my dream.

Going for it.  

And now I’m the mom of grown children, and have a husband who supports my efforts and thinks it’s pretty awesome that I didn’t give up or sit around wishing.  That’s fantastic and I love him so much for it.

I’ll always encourage others to do likewise – and chase that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It’s there.  You will surely have to work hard, get your fair share of rejection, and no doubt endure the critics who think you’re crazy.  But that’s OK.  As far as I’m concerned if there is still someone out there calling me crazy I’m heading in the right direction!

Wish me luck!