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Are You Still Making New Year’s Resolutions?


If you are, then all I can say is that I wish you well, but, frankly, most women end up with a huge list of changes they will make, only to give up on them one by one.  

Staying positive.  

No, I’m not here to be discouraging!  Just the opposite.  Because from where I sit, it’s far, far, far, more beneficial to make small changes that you can keep in  your life than to take on the whole world when it comes to beauty and fitness, and end up sad and disappointed.  

I was a professional wellness coach for women for many years, and the vast majority of my clients all said the same thing:  they dieted their way up the scale, not down.  I listened to dozens of them tell me how they’d find a diet/fitness program that did in fact yield some good results, but alas, once they started actually living the day to day, and got off the diet, all their progress was lost – and they gained back the unwanted weight plus some.  

My approach.  

Forget the diets.  I don’t care how attractive they may sound.  Meal delivery may sound like a great option.  But, again, I coached many women who had been spending upwards of $100 per day on high-quality meals delivered to their door weekly.  The problem was that they would eat the packaged foods, and then go on to eat pizzas, tacos, chips and cookies in addition.  All that money spent didn’t do a thing.  


Yes, I am being that here!  Obviously, I’m not out to sell you a diet program!  And I never will. 


I earned a degree in Fitness & Nutrition in 2008, along with 6 certifications in fitness & nutrition.  I know from where I speak.  Ladies, the ONLY resolution you ever need to make is to change what you eat and what you do every day of your life.  And do that in ways that are simple, and not outside of the box for you when it comes to eating and exercise.  

Home cooking and home fitness.  

You need both.  Learning about how to use good, quality packaged foods is fine, but you also need to be able to whip up dinner in a hurry without worrying if you have those packages in your pantry or freezer.  

Gyms and studios are great.  But what when you can’t get there?  Do you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain?  Do you work late hours in hospitals, hotels or other places?  You may find a smattering of 24-hour gyms, but if you’re like me, you may hesitate to go at 3AM and be the only one there and have the only car in a rather dark parking lot.  Not a safe choice, I’d say.  

So – what’s the answer?  Arm yourself at home with low calorie, low- fat, whole foods you like.  Eggs are one heckuva good choice.  Whites or egg beaters are fine.  Onions, garlic, and carrots are three items that tend to keep longer in the fridge and bring flavor and nutrients to your food.  Low fat cheese, my personal go-to is Laughing Cow, adds calcium, richness and more flavor.  Make roasts, and slice the leftovers to keep for 3 days in the fridge.  Like shrimp?  Good, it’s a great item to pick up on the way home.  You can make shrimp stir fry easily enough and it’s good for you.  Load it up with veggies and you’ll have an amazing dish.  Substitute broccoli slaw or cole slaw (without dressing) instead of rice in a stir fry.  I do this all the time and love it.  

Exercise at home.  No room for big equipment?  No problem.  A mat stores easily.  Get a yoga video and learn more about the modality.  A good, sturdy exercise step is another great thing to keep.  Watch your favorite TV show and get on the step while watching.  You’ll burn 150+ calorie in 30 minutes.  Nice.  

Gyms and studios.  

They are great, and fun.  You can learn a lot in either place.  But don’t totally rely on gyms and studios for exercise.  Get out and walk or run or dust off that bicycle you don’t use often enough.  You also need to be independent, because, let’s face it, gyms and studios can go out of business and then you’re pretty well stuck if you rely on them alone.  Plus, as I mentioned above, there will be those days, weeks or months when it’s just plain inconvenient to get to them.  

Be happy.  

Enjoy your activities.  Enjoy cooking.  Make it a (small, mind you) challenge to whip up new dishes that are delicious and good for you.  Make it another (small) challenge to use that step for a 1 hour show instead of a 30 minute one, or, walk an extra mile.  Keep your goals in sight, but, don’t stress about them.  

My rules?  

1)You DO NOT have to keep raising the bar.  

2) You DO need to be healthy and enjoy life.  




Taken by my honeybee husband, Roger, in April 2015.  I had just turned 58 the week before.