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Honey Glycerin Cream Chunk Soap

This is one of my newest creations! 

I created, from scratch and using my knowledge and inspiration, six new soap formulas this past weekend.  They are all keepers!  Here is one of them in closer detail:  

About Honey Glycerin Cream Chunk Soap 

I am the soap division of our family business, – Coastal Honey Bees LLC Handcrafted Soaps – and I really love my work.  There are so many different things I have done business and education wise during the last 15 years of my life, but, I have to say that this is my forever job.  Found it.  Never giving it up!  

This very pretty bar is a blend of two of my own soaps – Honey Goat’s Milk and Honey Glycerin.  For this variety, I chopped my GM soap into chunks and placed then into my molds. I then poured my HG soap on top.  Once set, you get the results you see here.  


These soaps are doubly nourishing and moisturizing for your skin.  Each bar contains at least one full tablespoon of our own honey, from our busy bees in our own hives, along with skin-loving oils in a saponified base.  You get enough lather to thoroughly clean your skin, and enough to shave with as well.  That’s what I have done with them all and they all pass my own test.  

Honey is one of nature’s best kept beauty and health secrets. It not only can heal irritated skin, but, also acts as a “sealant” and locks in the moisture and nutrients found in all of my high-quality ingredients.

Honey Glycerin Cream Chunk Soap and all of my soaps, will be available at The White City Mercantile in Ft Pierce Fl by the end of September. They can also be bought at our offices, and soon, ordered online.  We are also gearing up to participate in The Farmer’s Market at Tradition in PSL Fl beginning in November.  More about all of that soon.  

In closing I wanted to show you all a beautiful mid-century cupboard I purchased last year.  It is making the perfect curing cabinet for my lovely soaps! 

This antique cupboard makes curing my soaps a breeze!