Grill A Great Hamburger

It’s Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum Summertime! And many of us here in  the Western Hemisphere will be enjoying grilled hamburgers with our family and friends.  Admittedly, a great hamburger is one

Easy Pose

Easy Pose  – Sukhasana – Instructions Situate yourself on your mat in a seated position. Cross your shins, widen your knees, and slip each foot beneath the opposite knee as

Staff Pose

One You Really Must Know This foundational asana helps Yogis to sit with correct posture, and serves as a starting position for other seated poses. Achieving correct form with Dandasana or

Cow Face Pose

Kids love this too! Lots of Yoga poses have fun animal names, making them perfect for introducing a young, preschool age or so, child to this highly beneficial exercise modality.