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Banish 11 Lines

Worry no more

Those little frown lines between your eyebrows, also known as “elevens”, can tell the world more about your mental state than your age.

And they can start to show up pretty much any time after your teens, especially if you’re a real worry-wort type.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to fight them off and help ease them when you do see them showing up.

Stick it to ’em

Ordinary office tape does help. Take a small piece of it and place it between your eyebrows, at the very top of your nose, at night before you go to bed.

This keeps that area smooth all night and that can make a very nice difference after a few weeks, possibly even sooner.

Reading the bottom line

If you do a lot of close work, and really who doesn’t do quite a bit of that given the amount of time we spend on the computer, then you should have your eyes checked every year.

The fact here is, if you’re having trouble seeing the words on the screen (or in printed books or magazines for that matter) you will very likely be squinting and/or frowning.

This adds to the 11 problem big time, so be sure to get reading glasses if you need them, and keep them with you.

Meditate meditate to stop wrinkles in their tracks

Yes, this is another one of the (very likely) million ways that meditation makes a body healthier and more beautiful.

Taking 5, 10, 20 or more minutes every day to quiet your mind lowers the stress level way down and keeps it at a more manageable level.

Your body and your mind become at ease and you feel a natural flow of positive energy that raises your spirits. Frowning could actually become a thing of the past.

Simple methods.
Spectacular results.