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Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to say hello. 

Things are not really going well here.

Most all of the castings sent to me by the  agency just aren’t right for me though.  I’m 60.  Big deal, right?  That’s what I say!  But, for some reason, the Powers That Be in movie and TV production, want to attempt to put me in a category.  Just one category?  Are they kidding?

Well, that makes it hard for me.  So, you could say that my age is a hindrance in that way.  Don’t fear though, my friends, I’m not ever giving up!

Where I fit…..

There are many possibilities for me at this age, and at my fitness level, and with my appearance and all of that.  Here’s a list of some of them, and of course I’m going to put my favorites at the top!

Spy or Detective – I had to put those two together even though they are not the same type of character.  I’d be a great spy character.  I look nice, not harmful at all, so I’d be a good fit for that sweet-looking woman who in reality is a highly trained agent.  I’d be a good detective too.  OK, I do look great in a suit, a business suit in case you’re wondering, but beyond that, I have a good if not great ability to dig for facts in real-life and I can do as much or as little improvisation as requested.  Also, I have good comedic timing and a natural sense of fun and humor.  I’d be ideal for a spy-spoof or detective-spoof kind of thing.

Designer, Antiques Dealer, Successful Businesswoman – Any of these are right up my street as well.  I have a strong artistic side and a good head for business as well so I can assume either role very comfortably.  As for the antiques dealer that would be a plum role of all plum roles for me.  I am a history buff, love ancient history, and know my way around an auction – live or online.

Doctor, Lawyer, Politician – Any or all of them fit.  I have absolutely NO fear when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd, so please put me behind a podium and turn on that mic! I’d be a happy actress!

Woman With A Cause – Absolutely.  I have an autistic son and I plan to get a non-profit off the ground in the next year —  so I know causes let me tell you!

What’s next?  

My photoshoot that is long, long, long over due.  As many of you may have already read, I have been doing some subtle but quite nice cosmetic procedures to my face since June so I didn’t want to get in front of the camera until I was ready.  That should be soon.  The end of 2017 or the very beginning of 2018.  It will be worth waiting for, is all I can say.  I plan to rock it!

And, once I get in front of the camera again, I never plan to go back.  I’ll be making videos and talking to you vis-à-vis – which has been my aim all along!

Take care everyone – and I’ll be back soon!





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My Role In The Man In The High Castle

An Amazon Original Series

And a favorite of mine!  I love this show!

The story is a fantasy about what the USA would be like if we had lost to Germany and Japan in WWII – and it’s very well done.

A believable alternate history, The Man In The High Castle follows the journeys of those who are either working for the Third Reich, for Japan, or who are simply trying to live a normal life.  There is of course a somewhat disorganized (at least in the first season) resistance movement, and that adds suspense and gives us fans heroes to root for.

How I see my role in The Man In The High Castle

I’m a woman named Beverly Hunter who ran a department store in Washington D.C. before WWII, but who got word from friends in high places that the war was not favoring the US and that a strike on D.C. was imminent.  Fleeing for her life, Beverly heads south to Florida where she ultimately takes up residence in Miami.

Starting up a store on a much smaller scale, Beverly Hunter meets people who hail from the newly established Japanese Pacific States and from an area that is a complete mystery to her called The Neutral Zone.

During a normal business day, Beverly helps a woman who wishes to try on wedding gowns, only to find that the lady is badly bleeding from a stab wound.

Panicked, Beverly at first tells the woman, who introduces herself simply as “Janet”, she has to leave, but, when Janet passes out, Beverly has no choice but to help her.

The interaction between Beverly and Janet can continue in a couple of different ways:

First – Beverly takes Janet upstairs to her apartment, hides her there, and gets her the medical treatment she needs from a doctor Beverly trusts.  That leads all three, Beverly, Janet and Dr. Lansing, to form a bond that enables them to help the resistance movement that Janet has been part of for the past year.  All three of these characters come in and out of The Man In The High Castle for many episodes to come.

Second – Beverly helps Janet by hiding her in her apartment and getting medical help from Dr. Lansing.  But Dr. Lansing fears punishment from the German police and turns in both Janet and Beverly.  Before the two women are arrested and executed, Beverly manages to deliver an envelope to another member of the resistance, as per Janet’s instructions.