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ROC Retinol Update Review

Been 5 months now.  

I began using retinol in January 2018 and I have to say I am impressed.  My skin is smooth, clear and for lack of a better way to describe it, my face is “lifted” in its appearance.  

Since I had never used retinol before in my life I had no idea what to expect, and for my money, I still highly recommend the ROC gold label line of products.  I say that because there are other lines, namely the white and the blue labels, which I don’t have any or much experience with.  

Let’s begin here.  

Just in case you don’t already know, the difference between retinol and retin-A is significant.  Retinol is a much less powerful ingredient, and so if you do any research on your own, you’ll find that many dermatologists say that retinol does not deliver results.  However, consumer feedback is quite another matter.  

Retin-A is a prescription strength product, that is approximately 100 times stronger than OTC retinol.  So, the results a person gets from the Retin-A will likely be much more significant.  

However, with all that said, retinol is a great way to ease into using Retinol-A, should you desire to do so, as either one of these ingredients can take time for your skin to get used to before it reaches a comfortable tolerance level. 


Here’s what I do. 

I am using ROC Retinol every day, as part of my nighttime skin care regime.  First, I use facial cleansing towelettes that do not require water or rinsing. That’s very important.  When I am wearing makeup I use a good number of towelettes to completely clean my skin.  I keep using fresh towelettes until the last one wipes clean.  

I then wait at least 20 minutes.  Usually I hop on the elliptical.  But you can do some yoga or dance or whatever exercise you like.  

I then apply  ROC Max Strength Cream from my forehead to my decolete.  Including around the eye area.  I gently rub it in, then pat or drum my fingers all over my skin to help it penetrate.  

If I feel my skin needs it, I wait another 20 minutes (usually watching TV this time) and then apply a good coat of Nivea cream in the blue jar.  But that’s not every night as my skin is getting to the point of not feeling dry or itchy.  

My results.  

I have to say I’m really happy here.  I went through a time, about 2 months long, of seeing some redness, experiencing some itching and flaking, and finding that my Vitamin C serum I normally use during the day was burning like crazy when I applied it.  

But, sometime in March, I found that all of these issues came to an end.  I have no problems with my retinol now at all, and although I do still get a bit itchy, find that it’s just proof that the product continues to work and that the skin continues to benefit.  

My FBTV channel. 

I’m sorry  everyone, but between starting a beekeeping business with my husband and experiencing stress over my elderly mom’s health issues, I have not started making videos.  Things are settling down now so I should be able to get rolling next week.  And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending me messages asking about it.  Your kindness has been great!  

Stay beautiful,