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What Is Bergamot?

My favorite.

Essential oils are added to every bar of Coastal Honey Bees Soaps I make. They give the formula special bonuses in both aromatherapy value and skin care value.

Bergamot has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time.  And, for those of you wondering why you may never have heard of it, all I can do is ask you a question, “Have you ever had Earl Grey Tea?”  Bergamot is what gives EG it’s signature fragrance and flavor.  If you’ve never had that particular variety of tea, I highly recommend it.

About bergamot.

It is an herb that makes a beautiful flower – very attractive to bees and birds – and it is widely used in skin care and foods.  It gives a gentle orange flavor that is uniquely its own.  Unlike other, artificial, “big fragrances”, bergamot essential oil is subtle and much kinder to sensitive skin.  

I ONLY use essential oil that is 100% pure, and my bergamot is derived from the citrus bergamia plant.  


Why it’s good in my soaps.

Bergamot, like every other pure essential oil I use, brings natural freshness, keeps bar soaps free from unwanted bacteria growth, and also works well with the other oils I use, such sweet almond oil, to nourish and protect your skin.

Where to buy? 

We are The St. Lucie West Farmer’s Market on Fountainview Blvd, every Sunday from 10am to 2pm, through April 2020.  We will be at the Christmas Bazaar in Tradition Square on December 14, 2019/  Both of those locations are in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Our honey, candles and soaps are at The White City Mercantile in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

And, you now can…..



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Me And My Honey

It’s a sweet job!  

About 18 months ago, my husband started beekeeping.  It’s a secondary business so it’s been something of a time-management issue, but here we are, with an established company! 

Coastal Honey Bees LLC, Stuart ,FL, is our sweet enterprise.  By the end of 2019, we will have topped 100 hives.  Locations include an apiary in Hobe Sound, FL of about 40 to 50 hives.   The remainder are situated on high-end golf courses along the Treasure Coast, with hives being added to Bradenton, FL (on the West Coast) in the near future.  

My 1940s cupboard that I use for soap curing and storage.

I have been successfully crafting honey soaps for months, and I don’t mind telling you that Roger and I use and love them!  Of course, our own raw honey, from our very busy little bees, is in every bar!  

Bar soaps are the beginning.  I plan to add other skin care items soon.  Among them will be scrubs for head to toe use, facial masks and an age-busting serum.  Naturally our “little ladies” making honey will play a big part in all of my formulas!  

I use my education and experience in fitness, nutrition, and skin care, along with a big dose of acquired knowledge in the last 18 months of how honey is healthy for us all both inside and out to make my products.  

Currently, my soaps are available at The White City Mercantile in Ft Pierce, FL.  And, we will be at The Farmers’ Market in St. Lucie West, PSL, FL from November 3rd 2019 through April 2020.  

Currently, our handcrafted honey soaps are for sale online as well as in the two locations I mentioned above!  Click here:  BUY HONEY SOAP

Stay happy!