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Age And Other Irrelevant Facts

Times are changing.  

And thankfully so!  I am old enough to remember when the idea of a plus-size woman in a swimsuit ad, much less a bikini ad, would have been unheard of – and some might’ve made fun of her.  I’m also old enough to remember Beverly Johnson gracing the cover of Vogue Magazine as the first African-American woman to ever do so.

So we as a global society are breaking down the barriers of one-size-for-all and one-look-for-all.  Well, I’m one of the pioneers who is saying we now must tear down the barrier against women over 40 or 50 or being “over the hill”.

I have yet to see that hill.  

LOL. If there’s a hill out there somewhere I haven’t even seen it so I guess I’m doing okay.

None of us should ever be considered “past” anything.  Actually.  Let me correct that.  Yes, we should get past a few things in life.  Stubbornness, ignorance, meanness…..yup those are the things we need to toss over that hill – and be all the better for it.

It’s not easy.  

No.  Not at all  I find myself being put into categories where I don’t belong.  And don’t fit at all.  Not in every instance, of course, but in lots of them.

Castings come to me at an average of 2 – 3 per day, so I get lots to choose from.  Most aren’t right for me at all, since they have this “age idea” in mind.  I don’t fit whatever mold is supposed to be there for a 60-year-old woman, and that can be a good thing (actually a great thing!), however when it comes to acting and modeling I know for a fact that many casting directors simply don’t know where to put me.



What roles I can play.  

Lots.  The fashionable mom, the youthful grandmom.  The wife, the mistress, the doctor, lawyer, corporate honcho, detective,  angel on Earth, or vampire queen.

And let’s not forget my dream gig of all dream gigs….The Bond Girl.  Hey —  I can rock the evening gown and the bikini so why not?  What feathers would it ruffle if I rose up out of a swimming pool sporting a great body in a gorgeous swimsuit?  Or attended a ball dress in a bias-cut satin gown in the most amazing shade of blue??   I tell you here and now I can do all of those things.  And I can act as well!  So why would any feathers get ruffled at all?  Because I’m 60?  That’s absurd!  But, even though that’s true, many minds out there think it’s too far removed from “the norm”.

Damn the norm! 

I know I’m not the first to say that!  By far!  And maybe this is one reason why I’m so very driven to succeed.  Despite the odds.  Despite the bias.  60 is nothing.  Look at famous women my age and you’ll see what I mean.

But I do have friends.  

Oh yes and I’m very, very grateful to them!  You have all been so kind and supportive here online that it does help me get through the low times when I wonder why the heck I’m doing this at all.

Not to worry though.  I don’t question myself too often and never for long.  I bounce right back and get to work.

Stay with me, everyone, the best is yet to come!