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Pictures. Pictures. PICTURES!

Hey everyone….

I know I haven’t been taking enough photos of myself.  But that’s all changing,  In fact this Wednesday and Thursday – that’s right THIS week : ) – I’ll be taking quite a lot of shots.  Good ones I hope.

And they will be different.  I frankly hated most of my previous shots.  They didn’t capture my personality.  Well, I’m putting it right out there now so all the world can see.  It’ll capture it.


Some will be fun.  On a motorcycle.  Dancing, jumping (I get like that) and others will be sexy.  Classy sexy though.  I’m not interested in being risqué or dirty.  No thanks.

Instead, I’ll be focusing more on being a positive role model to women.  Such as my daughter.  And the baby granddaughter I will have in my life come July of this year.

A good polaroid from April 2015. But expect much better from me!

Body image.  

Sure that’s part of it as well.  I want to promote positive body image for women everywhere and of every age. We can, at 60 or beyond, rock the teeny-weeny bikini (which I will be doing) and look amazing in the slinky dress.  Jeans and t-shirts will also be part of it, as will at least one business suit.

I’ve worked hard to stay in shape and I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with good genes and the love of fitness.  You need that second one most of all.  No matter how slim all your family members are, if you eat junk food and never exercise it’s not going to be good for you or look good on you.

Looking forward to it.  

Yea, it’s been too long.  A year and a half without good, planned photos is too much.  That won’t happen again.  Ever.  I’ll be a walking-talking photo opportunity and I’ll be sharing both stills and videos with all of you here who follow me.

You’ll see me succeed.  

No doubt.  I’m here for the long haul.  Still working hard.  Still believing.  Never backing down.

Have a wonderful day everyone – and may all YOUR dreams come true as well!