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Celebrating 14K Likes On Facebook

Thank you! 

When I first put a FB page for my acting/modeling career focus, I wasn’t sure that anyone would like it at all.  I’m not famous.  I haven’t got famous parents and I’m not even a distant cousin of Demi Moore.

But I put up the page anyway, figuring that maybe someone would think I have potential and guts and click that “like” button.  What has actually happened though has been truly amazing!

It motivates me.  

Diving into an acting career at any age is not easy.  Since there are roles for literally every age group I don’t think I receive fewer castings because I’m 59.  I get lots of new castings every week, even daily, so there are opportunities.

What is difficult is finding the right role for me as an actress.  I’m not really interested in being an extra anymore, I’ve done that, and I’ve got a great body and good looks at this point in life so I’m not right for playing some of the parts that call for a woman of my age.

Seeing so many people like my actress page has been incredible.  As of today I have more than 14K likes on Facebook and that number keeps going up!

Where I’m heading.  

I’m continuing to read every casting that comes my way, and get my name out there as much as I can.

To stay in front of the camera, I’ll be making YouTube videos soon that will cover lots of different subjects such as TV show reviews, movie reviews, product reviews and sometimes just chatter about my career goals.


Perhaps 2016 will be my golden year and I’ll get that dream offer.  Or maybe it’s coming in 2017.  Or later than that.  Whenever it does come – I’ll be ready for it.  I’m preparing for it a little more every day and as the weeks go by I’m gaining confidence and feeling great about myself.

However long it does take isn’t really the issue.  It’s more about enjoying the journey and believing that I can and will be as much of a success as I like.

Have a fantastic day, everyone, and once again “Thank you!”



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