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My Fall Skin Care Plan

It’s officially here! 

Actually it’s 90F out there in South Florida, but, the season of Fall is beginning anyway.  Despite the current heatwave, I know that cooler, drier weather is just around the corner, and even living in a subtropical climate means that I need to watch out for how the Fall and Winter months can affect my skin.  

About my Fall skin care plan.  

First, I have added an additional 16oz. of water to my diet.  I usually get 8 glasses, or 4 16oz. bottles to be more precise, on a daily basis, but I’m upping that to include just a bit more.  And besides drinking water, I’ll add more high-water-content food to my diet such as tomatoes and melons.  Look for a blog post I’ll write soon about how to get more water into your system through your food.  

Next, I plan to resume using my NuFace micro-current device the first week of October.  I began using NuFace three years ago, and stopped in June 2017 due to using injectables and peels for the first time ever, and I wanted to be sure my results were not altered by the NuFace.  

I took this photo from my upstairs deck a few years ago, and I share it at the start of the Fall season. It’s not photoshopped and that’s just the way the amazing sky looks here in South Florida every Fall!

Third on my list is resuming my beloved facial packs as part of my Morning Wakeup Skin Yoga Routine.  That’s something I’ll be writing about soon as well.  But until then, a facial pack consists of three simple things:  water, cotton squares peeled apart to get pieces as thin as possible, and a basic moisturizer.  The cotton squares are wet, then a dot of moisturizer is placed on them, and they are applied to the face for at least 5 minutes.  It’s refreshing and delivers so much moisture to the skin that over time it adds plumpness and a nice rosy glow.  This too I stopped last year when I began my journey into the area of cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Volbella, and using ViPeels.  

Fourth is that I’m changing my ways and means of getting exercise.  I’m hopping on my inversion table every day, again starting about the first week or so of October, and I’ve created a routine using a balance ball that I plan to implement 3x per week.  To round this out I use my elliptical daily for 30 mins or more, keep to my Morning Wakeup Skin Yoga Routine 6 days per week, and use 10 – 15lb weights 3x per week.  On the 7th day I like to change up and do some walking or other outdoor exercise.  

In addition to this, I’ve ditched the lash extensions recently, and saw an online dermatologist at YoDerm to get a prescription for Latisse.  I’ll be starting to use that product the first week of October, and the MD has told me I should start to see some nice results in about 4 weeks. Maximum results will take at least 16 to 24 weeks.  So I’m feeling confident that I’ll have beautiful lashes I won’t have to have stuck on every 2 weeks.  Hooray about that!  

Live. Love. Laugh.  

That’s my philosophy in a nutshell.  When you love and laugh is when you are truly living.  And that’s what makes us beautiful, ladies.  Everything else?  It’s just icing on the cake.  

Enjoy this beautiful time of year! 



Taken Monday, Sept 18, 2018.  I had just removed my lash extensions so they are pretty short.  Give it time.  Latisse is so well-reviewed by consumers that I doubt I’ll have stubby lashes for long.  So, officially, this is my “before” lash photo.