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Brew Coffee Using A French Press

Truly An Excellent Cup Of Coffee

In this blog post I’d like to share the experience of using the French Press Coffee Maker, and let you know that it’s not complicated at all.

There are benefits to drinking coffee that go beyond simply enjoying the flavor.  One of them is the possibility of living a longer, healthier life.  (See the 2017 study link at the end of this post. )

It’s more a matter of using excellent ingredients than skill. Read on for the details.

Easy French Pressed Coffee Instructions

What You Need

French Press Coffee Maker Pot

Coffee Grinder

Course Ground Coffee – A must!

Boiling Water (I use bottled spring water)

A chop stick

A thermal carafe (optional)

Brew Coffee In The French Press Coffee Maker    

Simple Methods.
Spectacular Results.


First, I want to tell you that despite what you see in the movies and on TV, you should not let your coffee sit in the press after it’s been brewed – it should be transferred to a thermal carafe.

Heat a thermal carafe by filling it with hot water, and putting the top on tightly. This will warm the insulation layer in the carafe and keep your coffee nice and hot. Let that sit while you proceed to make your coffee.

Step One

Because most French presses consist largely of glass, it is a good idea to pour some warm water in the press before you shock it with near-boiling water.

Putting warm water in the pot raises the temperature of the glass and lowers the risk of the glass cracking.

Step Two

You should use about one heaping tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee for every one cup of hot water.

This measurement is not set in stone and can be played with slightly if you want even stronger coffee.

Step Three

Scoop the coffee grounds into the press pot first. Then add water that has just been boiled.

When you begin pouring the water into the press, pour just enough to cover the grounds. Wait about five seconds.

Add more water until the pot is about two-thirds of the way full and begin to stir the grounds and water together using your chop stick.

Step Four

This step involves waiting and counting. Place the lid on top of the French Press Coffee Maker (without pressing down the plunger) and start timing how long the coffee steeps.

Typically the optimum amount of time to steep coffee in a standard press pot is about four minutes. For smaller pots, two minutes is best. The longer you let the coffee steep the stronger it will be.

Step Five

After the coffee has steeped for the appropriate amount of time, press down on the plunger to begin to filter the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee.

Press down steadily, since pushing unevenly could result in hot coffee sloshing out of the pot, and you don’t want to let in a lot of air at once that can alter the flavor of the coffee.

Step Six

Once the plunger has reached the bottom of the pot, the coffee is ready to be served. Empty the hot water from your carafe, and transfer your coffee from The French Press Coffee Maker.

Add your usual cream and/or sweetener, or, follow stricter French Press tradition and drink it black.

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