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It's Great To Have You Here!


For a woman who is just starting out as an actress, and climbing what is no doubt a very large hill, I am impressed and amazed at the outpouring of positive feedback I receive!  Believe me when I tell you, it’s one of the things that keeps me going when I feel like throwing in the towel!

Lots of possibilities.  

I get castings just about every day.  And today I got three.  One of them looks good.  The other two are possible but maybe not as good.  So at any time I could get that “big break” and have a special announcement to make.  Sure it’s not definite.  And yes, maybe I’ll fall face down a number of times, but I know this much:  No door will ever open if I don’t knock on it.  My grandmother told me that when I was a little girl and it means more to me today than ever.

Photo shoot.  

I’m a week behind, but I needed to make trip this week and so that threw me off schedule.  But.  Tomorrow I will begin taking new pictures.  And will continue this week and beyond to keep publishing more photos.  Better ones at that.

Until then, have a beautiful day and once again – “Thank you!” 

With much love,