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Long Hair After 50 – After 60 YIPES!

How this began for me.  

I went the extensions route about 10 years back, and I went blonde, and that actually has some benefits.  First, if you have dark hair and want to lighten it to a nice, say, honey blonde, you don’t have to double process. You can lighten your own hair to a light brown, and then add in the extensions for highlights.  It gives your hair color dimension and saves your own locks from the brutal treatment that regular double processing entails.  

However, I got tired of the blonde.  And when I went back to my dark hair I just couldn’t see the sense of keeping up with the monthly “day in the chair” you must do if you want to maintain the look.  So, I took out the extensions, did it myself as after 4 years I surely learned how, and was left with my natural tresses.  

Me, in 2011 with blonde extensions. Age 54

The condition of my hair after extensions.  

I had virtually no damage from the extensions per se, and my hair had grown to about mid-back length.  However, there is something that happens that most women (men) don’t know about.  I learned from experience that when you wear long extensions for years, your own hair is beneath them, and normal conditioning doesn’t reach your hair the way it normally would.  That means that even if you don’t get breakage from removing extensions, you will still be faced with very dry hair.  For me, that meant getting out the scissors! 

I chopped off my own hair to shoulder length (when wet) so given my hair’s natural wave, when dry it hovered somewhere between my jawline and my shoulders.  It was okay.  I had had this look before in my life, and in fact had it this length for many years,  but was never happy with it.  My hair has just enough curl to it to turn frizzy, especially in the subtropical weather here in South  Florida.  And it seemed that no matter what I used, or how many deep conditioning treatments I bought, the problem was never solved.  

I hated my hair.  

Yup.  I did. Many of you are probably nodding and thinking “I’m in that club myself.”  But I was determined to finally find a solution.  And after much trial and error, tears and yes ladies and gentlemen, more meetings with the scissors ( I cut off 5 inches at one time – ouch!), I made a big decision…..

How I fixed this mess.  

I love long hair, but for most of my adult life I went the relatively lazy route of cutting off my hair and praying that somehow some way it would not be frizzy (of course it always ended up frizzy).  At that point in my life I decided that if I wanted long hair I just needed to grow my own.  And, that’s exactly what I did.  

First, I started taking vitamins.  Prenatals to be exact.  I’ve been taking them every single day for nearly four years now.  Then, I added amino acids, a.k.a. powdered gelatin, which I also take every single day.  Then, I found a scalp treatment called Hairsil, which is a pea extract product, and it works very well.  

In addition to that, I have been coloring my own hair for these past five years, since removing the extensions, and since I’m only looking to cover the gray, I only color the root.  Add to that that I look for gray first before I color, and in areas where there is no gray, I leave it alone. I have not put color down the length of my hair in all that time.  It has made an enormous difference.  

Well, as time went on my hair did grow faster and faster.  I have medium thickness to my hair and luckily that has not changed since childhood so I have no problem with volume.  My problem was still the frizz that always seemed to come back.  

I began using Moroccan Oil, the original formula, after every shampoo, and on the ends at night before bed, and that did help a lot.  It also helps to cut down the drying time which is also a big plus.  

Another important item on my list of must-have hair items is my blow dryer.  It’s the Bio Ionic 10x.  It cuts down drying time and does help smooth the hair as well.  

But still, I wasn’t completely happy. 

Then I found GK – Global Keratin Hair – and started using their fantastic products.  This has made the difference between “iffy” hair no matter how much effort I put into it, and “good” hair days every darn day!  

Me, with my own natural hair, in 2019 Age 62


I now have hair down to my waist, and I have no intentions of giving it up. If God gives me this blessing of continued excellent health I’ll have long hair for  the rest of my life. Maybe when I’m 80 I’ll wear it up in a cool braid or something like that.  But, my meetings will scissors with be no more! 

I never have to worry about my my hair.  Sounds silly perhaps, to me as well, but let me tell you it sucks when you go through the trouble of setting, styling your hair, using pricey products, get dressed up to go out to a great date with the hub, and ten minutes after walking outside the hair turns to one frizzy mess.  Now?  I go to the beach, swim, take my helmet off (we are motos), and it looks great.  I can wear it in a pony tail, take it out, and it still looks great.  I can go away for a weekend without a thought to having a “bad hair day” because they won’t happen.  

In short, I have given myself the gift of loving my hair as much as I did when I was in high school.  Between then and now?  It was one helluva battle!  


The featured image was taken by my hub on July 20, 2019

I ONLY mention products that I personally buy, use and love.  I am not paid to endorse them.  

PRODUCT LINKS  (affiliate)

GK HAIR  I use them all, every time I shampoo.  I use both the conditioner after shampooing, rinse, and apply the leave-in conditioner right away.  The serum I use on wet hair before blow drying, and on dry hair right before using the flat iron or curling iron, also use for touch ups on my dry hair.




MORROCANOIL by Moroccanoil Co.



DRYING MY HAIR WITH THE BIO IONIC 10X BLOW DRYER  – the best I have ever used!


COLLAGEN (GELATIN) 2X PER DAY GREAT LAKES GELATIN HYDROLYSATE  – easy to take and easy to digest and it’s good for your skin and joints too


HAIRSIL – I use the ex strength treatment





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Four Omega 3 EFA Foods

Foods That Bring Omega 3 EFA’s To The Table


A great source of omega 3 fatty acids. It’s first on my list of fats that are good for our bodies. Having just two 4-6oz. servings per week is sufficient. Pair that with some fresh steamed veggies and you’ve got a plate packed full of nutrition.


Another great source of omega 3 fatty acids. The walnut shells actually look like a brain and coincidentally bring many brain-health benefits with them, including improvement of cognition and delayed symptoms of depression, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. A handful each day is enough to reap the benefits.

Olives and Oil

A great way to add omega-3′s to you diet. Replace some of the butter in cooking with olive oils. This is easiest for savory items such as herb breads, rolls, main-dish casseroles and omelettes. Be sure to store your oil away from heat to prevent the breakdown of nutrients. Choose extra-virgin olive oil.

Flaxseed and Flaxseed Oil

These are available as whole seeds or ground. The only way they can be effectively absorbed by our bodies is in the ground form. When you buy them in the ground form, you should keep them in the refrigerator to prevent spoiling. They have a slight nutty taste and are easy to disguise in food, too. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons in your yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, over salads, in baked goods, eggs, or in smoothies.

Flaxseed actually contains the highest amount of omega-3’s you can get in your diet at one time. At about 75 calories per serving – 2 tablespoons – you get approximately 146% of your daily value1 for omega-3’s.

Whether you want to prevent a disease, cure a disease or maintain overall good health, remember that each bite you take makes a difference in the way your body is responding inside. Like anything, change takes some time getting used to. Changing your diet and the way you eat is no different. Start out slow and set reasonable goals.