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GK Hair Shampoo And Conditioner

Long hair forever. 

That’s my attitude!  And I’m picky about it as well.  I want it healthy.  Glossy.  Manageable.  And, of course, I want to keep the time I spend drying and styling down to a minimum – and not sacrifice the results.  

It all starts here.  

Aside from good nutrition and exercise, what you use to shampoo your is the foundation for everything else you use to create the style you want.  For me, it took years to finally find the ideal shampoo formula and let me tell you all it’s made a tremendous difference.  

No more frizzes.  

I had almost given up on taming my moderately (but aggravating as hell) frizzy hair.  And then I found GK.  That stands for Global Keratin btw and it’s the best thing that I’ve ever used.  

How it works. 

The company does indeed make keratin treatments, which, if you do to a salon for a keratin treatment you should request GK, seriously it’s the best, and, they do also include the keratin protein in their haircare products.  For me, that smaller amount of keratin that I get from my shampoo and conditioner is just right.  

Where to buy.  

You can’t get it in stores.  But, GK Hair has an amazon store that we all can buy from.  And, they offer a great deal!  When you spend $50 you get a free product.  Not a sample mind you, but a full-sized product that’s worth at least $25.  If you spend $100 you get two free products! Excellent!  

Here’s my affiliate link.  You can buy, save money, and support my work as well.  We both win….

These big bottles last for months! My hair is waist length and that makes it a smart buy!



NOTE:  I buy GK products with my own money and for my own use.