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My Honey Soaps Last Beautifully Long

Honey is a big part of it.  

One of the many reasons why my primary soap formula additive, honey, is an excellent choice is that it helps keep the bars fresher longer.  My Honey Chunk bars wear down gradually, and because they reveal more and more of the my Golden Glycerin chunks, look prettier and prettier.  The featured image of my bar in this blog post, has been used in our shower for one week and it looks great.  

Being smart.  

Never throw away the small bits and pieces of soap that remain when the bar is finished.  Instead, place them in a mesh bag and use them as a fantastic body scrub!  

The soft mesh bags I give to my customers who purchase a set of 4 or more bars, (seen below) are soft enough to use head to toe.  So just like my Honey Chunk bars, they make showering easier and so much better for your skin.  

Where to buy?  

You can purchase my Honey Chunk bars right here at this website.  Click To Learn More

Posted in Beekeeping, Handmade Soaps

Staying Neat And Organized Makes Working Fun

It’s the only way.  

I’m something of a neat freak by nature, so keeping things in order comes easy for me.  My hub is pretty good, he’s still a guy, LOL, but between the two of us, I have to admit we do keep things rolling along only because we get things where they are supposed to be.

Day by day.  

When you’ve got two active businesses, one of which is (thankfully) not run out of our home, there is always something that demands your attention.  Details, ladies and gentlemen, can get the best of you if you’re not careful.

It helps to have a good memory, but, if you don’t, then keep a notebook handy.  I find that when I can lay hands on all of my soap supplies quickly, I can relax and enjoy the art of handcrafting soap.  Which, I dearly love!

Keep smiling.  

Laugh about your human errors.  And again, I am completely thankful every single day that I have a natural ability to make excellent soap.  But even with that, spills happen, things can come up that stops the work process, my son and/or pets can need whatever – but when you learn to go with the flow it changes everything for the better.


Once a neat freak.  

Always one! I take pride in  how I organize my house.  I’ve spent a lot of $$ on organizers and such to make life easier and I can lay hands on anything I like within minutes. Even things that go back 10 or 20 years.  Yes, being neat and organized is in my bones!

Note that as of 11/12/19 the bars pictured in the center, Honey Chunk creamy variety, will be the only bars sold retail.


Care about my work.  

I surely do that.  I have experimented with many different types of packaging because I wanted to get it right.  And I have gotten it right.  I have two different packaging styles that I really love.

Also, I have decided on beautiful kraft boxes to ship my soaps to those who order online, or local customers who want to ship gifts out of the area.  They look great, and using careful packaging, they arrive in perfect condition.


Last but not least – LOVE. 

That’s pretty much the heart of the matter.  I love my husband very much. He’s my boyfriend, sweetheart, bff and business partner all rolled into one.  We’re great parents and love our kids so much!

When it comes to business decisions, for the most part, we are on the same page with things.  We are both forward-thinkers and that really helps.

And that’s what I’m looking forward to the most — a very exciting future!

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