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My Results

This is what I have been doing.  

I began using injectables in 2017 and am very happy with the results.  Contrary to what you may read in the tabloids and other negative places, filler injections creates a very subtle, natural look that does make a great difference in ones’ appearance.  Hollows under the eye area and in the cheek area can be gently filled out.  Crows’ feet can be greatly reduced.  Those are the areas I have focused on:  under eye and cheek.  I have a tiny amount of fill in my chin.  And I feel great about my results! 

What I’m using.  

I use Allergen products that include hyaluronic acid, instead of the other types that are less natural-looking.  Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is soft and is actually a substance our own bodies produce to lubricate our joints.  And, it’s found in a lot of high-quality cosmetics.  I feel it’s the way to go and it is the only type of fill I would ever use in the future.  

I love my results!

How often this is needed.  

In 2018 I did not use fill products.  I used Botox every 3 months or so in the under eye area only.  In 2019 I may add fill to my cheeks, if I think it is necessary to maintain  my results.  If I don’t, then I plan to use it in 2020.  

Other important changes I’ve made.  

The biggie for me has been the use of retinol in January 2018, and then the use of Tretinoin in May 2018.  At present I use retinol 6 nights per week, and Tretinoin 1 night per week.  That is working well for me.  

I started using Vivace Fractional RF Microneedling treatments in October 2018.  That treatment stimulates collagen production within the skin, possibly making any other type of service, such as filler injections, less needed.  I plan to use that in the future as well. 

My Vivace Treatment Video On YouTube