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Sometimes You Just Have To Take That Leap Of Faith

You reach a point.  

In the acting business it’s never really about fame and fortune.  Even though what you see at the awards shows may make you believe otherwise.  But that’s only what’s on the surface.

Way before an actor reaches the point of being nominated for an award, or even on the list of possible nominees, there is a lot of hard work, tears, and challenges that lead up to that time.

And so what needs to happen is that you simply have to take that leap of faith, dive in to the deep end if you must, and feel good about yourself.  That’s not easy at all, and probably why lots of people consider acting and either don’t stay with it or never really take that chance.

It’s all about what you feel.  

Surely.  Passion has everything to do with it.  The fire in your soul has to burn bright before you consider taking that leap.  And, for me, there’s only one answer to that calling – and it’s “yes”!

Keep smiling. Keep believing.

How to stay with it.  

Pure heart is all.  It’s like a marathon runner hitting that 20 mile wall.  You’re running on fumes it seems and you begin to wonder if you will ever see that finish line.  But the ribbon is there.  Bright blue and shining in the sun.  And you can see yourself running through it and feel the joy of that experience.

That’s just how it is when you follow your dream.  Staying with it is never a question for you.  It just comes naturally.

Belief in a Higher Authority.  

For this lady, I am totally convinced that Heaven finds a way to let us know when something is right. We feel it and it causes some great changes for us. Those changes may not be easy, as with acting it certainly is not, but, you make them anyway.  Because you couldn’t imagine living life any other way.

Best wishes to everyone! 

Once again, know how much I appreciate all the beautiful feedback I get from everyone who follows my work.  It makes a wonderful difference!