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Welcome to FBTV by Nancy Welker!

It’s here! 

Yes, I’ve launched my own talk show – FBTV by Nancy Welker!  What’s the FB stand for?  Forever Beautiful.  And my tag “because life is forever beautiful” sums it up, well, beautifully!

What to expect. 

Content that includes beauty, fashion, fitness and excellent self-care through proper diet and exercise.  (Keep in mind that I have professional training in both fitness and nutrition)

And, I’m add something special to the channel.  Shows about marriage, family, life with an autistic son, becoming a grandma (yipes!), managing to live well and live happy at the same time (tricky but possible!)

I’m also going to include cooking, how to choose the right foods, yoga, and fun things such as my love of motorcycles and billiards.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, expect lots of unique and interesting content.  I haven’t lived 60 years on this great planet without learning a lot and having a wide variety of interests!

When to expect it.  

Tomorrow, November 29th, I’ll be publishing a video about my first experience with the cosmetic procedure called micro needling.  So be sure to look for that video as I will be filming it soon after that treatment and giving you all my feedback.  From there I’ll update my skin’s progress in the days/weeks ahead.

Starting in December, 2017,  I will be publishing new shows (videos on YouTube) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  In 2018 my plan is to add daily content.  None of it is going to be too lengthy, probably 10 or 15 minute videos for the  most part, so you will be able to watch/listen to me before going to work or getting the kids off to school.

I’m setting up a studio at home, in a spare room, to start.  It will look nice and I am striving for a great-looking video that you will enjoy watching.  My further plan is to set up a studio in a warehouse my husband and I own, and create dedicated space for that there.  That should happen sometime next year – so by the next Holiday Season I am planning to be filming both in the studio and at home, depending on my topic.

Looking to see you all there.  

I hope that you come to my YouTube Channel and subscribe – I’m looking to build a great community there!

Stay well — and beautiful!


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